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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Well, I was in a combat with, ummm, something or other (a random encounter) and Meleny scored a critical hit with her scimitar. She rolled 3 on her 2 attacking dice. Then she got -2 for strangth.

Yup, she rolled a 1 for damage on a critical hit. How I hate this game somedays. I really have to craft her a belt... and some gauntlets... and perhaps a celtic rune.

While redoing the Imeryds Run, Elmo got swallowed by the behemoth toad (who has about +20 or something ridiculous on will saves against charm animal and such, because lets face it, behemoth frogs are known for their willpower). He now gets 2 attacks per round with his magic axe. He missed both, while inside the toad.

On the happy side, I just did a run through of my mod. All the sub-quests work, I only have to craft the final encounter (and a dozen other things I want to add, all sound-related). Happy Ted!


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