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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kecik! 11

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A brief comment on the genesis of this comic, which took all of 5 minutes but went through multiple incarnations.

Firstly, yes this is hopelessly out of order, if there is indeed some order to the comics, which by and large there isn't other than a desire for them not to look out of order, which this one does. This is from when Kecik was 4 days old and ready to come home - they said she had a bit of jaundice, and she spent a day in the incubator under lights to fix it (other parents will know this is not serious, so don't worry). Now I think about it, is that actually an incubator? I mean I call it that but maybe it has some other technical name... o well :-) Anyways, many of the comics are indeed from later than this (after she came home) but as I was going through photos today thinking of ideas this one just struck me, so here it is.

The 'incubator / incubus' connection of course hit me instantly (well, I am a fantasy gamer - go figure) and the initial idea was a strip ending with a suggestive comment refering to the incubus' sexual behaviour: something like -

- "o noes, they think I'm an incubus!"

- "hmmm, I can see this having an up-side..."

but while trying to think of a tasteful way to have a 4-day old baby girl make sexual allusions (if there is one...) I quickly rejected the whole thing since, of course, an incubus is male, so exploring its behaviour gets weird and inconsistent very fast. I also rejected the idea of saying something like "thats why the are keeping me surrounded by sunlight!" because, while consistent, it is not clear from the photo that thats exactly what is happening (although it is, as I said above. Thats how you treat mild jaundice, apparently).

I then decided that "o noes, they think I'm an incubus!" should be the punchline of the comic, and just leave it there (other than a nod to the gender inconsistency down here) - I dislike puns but since this comic is based on one, it may as well be used to full effect. I hacked up the photos, but then when I tried to put the speech bubbles in, no matter which way I rotated or flipped the damn things they came out looking like she was talking out her behind.

The rest wrote itself.

I should probably put more effort into getting some of these details and wordings just right, because I frequently find I am not overly happy with some of this stuff. My lolerfs and demotivators are the same - happy with the ideas, really not happy with the execution. Ah well, its all a learning process.



At 3:44 am, Blogger Simple American said...

I thinking having no order is brilliant. Because there is nothing that can disrupt order quicker than a kiddo.

At 3:50 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Now thats a healthy way to lok at it :-)


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