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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kecik! 31

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This was going to be the punchline of the 'Knock Knock' comic, purely as a comment on how hard I found it to make a decent knock knock joke out of 'Kecik', until I realised that knock knock jokes don't have to rhyme. So I made this comic as well. Frankly I have no idea if you can make a decent limerick out of 'kecik', and I didn't try.

For anyone who doesn't get it, orange is one of the few English words - indeed, probably the most obvious example - that are reputed to have no rhyme. 'Door hinge' as a rhyme is Wikipedia's idea, not mine. I'm tempted to add to this page - I can speak sensibly on the subject of rhyme in Aramaic.



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