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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mod Update

Almost finished the final encounter. Made some new weapons for it, the curved heater that is half the point of the mod, and an unholy weapon that I suspect is a bit overpowered, but then what 'good' monsters are there in the game for you to use it on?

Fought it out, the sorceress just stood there (must look into that) but the others all fought well. Indeed it was a bloodbath, with my (fallen) paladin and Spugnoir both being killed outright, Meleny and my cleric being flattened and my rogue and wizard both losing 90% of their HP but surviving by the skin of their teeth. Only Elmo looked like he might have survived two or three more rounds.

It was also my first encounter with the spiked chain. I stuck it in the hands of an enemy who is strategy.tabbed to be a tripper, and it looked fantastic (when tripping). Whacking prone opponents wasn't so good, the 'hit' noise is off a bit.

Should have everything done tomorrow, then can start the tinkering and adding sounds etc. Ooo, and gotta do the soundtrack stuff, forgot about that - I have all the music, just have to put it in. Won't take long.

I think I shall declare an official release date: Next Tuesday :-) Barring Liv posting 2.0 prior to that, in which case it will all have to be redone of course.


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