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Monday, August 22, 2005

A rant

Well, sorry part 4 in the dialogue writing thing is taking so long, but for those who are hanging for it, let me just say, once you have done part 4 you will be able to write 90% of dialogue in the game. There will be many more parts dealing with all sorts of little things you can do, particularly with scripts (eg reputations, the story state, showing new areas of the world map, teleporting, all sorts of stuff!) but basic dialogue writing will be done. So hang in there!

I have been distracted by the 'world map' (well, first important one anyway) for the new module. I started adding the textures to the basic design today and it is looking MIGHTY nice. I tried to put it up on my homepage for people to see, but my stupid ISP is having conniptions. I click on 'my account', I go to the page where I can fiddle with my home page layout (among other things). Then I put the pic up, then publish - but all I have is the dreaded red 'x'. So I go back to the ISP homepage, click 'my account', and I go to a DIFFERENT page with my usage stats but nothing about changing my homepage.

Thats right, click the same button twice, go to 2 different pages.

I mean if you sat around in a committee and TRIED to think these idiotic things up, you couldn't.

Will be doing more texturing after this shift, will have a nice (if compressed) pic of the main map up within 24 hours. And an address for where to see it too, for those who don't know ;)


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