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Monday, October 01, 2007

Comic Late

Well, serves me right for boasting about how my daily comic was up to date. I no sooner did this (at the OotS forum) than I spilt beer all over my keyboard and broke the damn thing: none of the bottom row work any more, plus some others, so I can't write KECIK! because I have no 'c' (can't even write "I spilt my beer" because 's' and 'l' were among the others what got broke. 'M' survived somehow).

I DID get a new keyboard from my folks house, so I will give that a go when I get home tonight. (This is being written from work).

Unrelated personal comment: I got screwed at work today. Its a public holiday, so we get double time, or double time and a half, or something, and I was meant to be doing a 12 hour shift (since the guys don't go to their placements on a holiday and there has to be extra staff hanging around the house). Well, I was meant to work from 10 to 10. But the woman who was doing the overnight shift got herself swapped onto the morning shift (8-4) so she could get the penalty rates, then when one of the guys went home with his dad, she rings me up to tell me not to come in til after her shift at 4, since there were several staff and only 2 clients. So I miss out on 6 hours work, which at double time is around $200, because she scammed her shifts around. I mean I don't mind people getting in early when there are hi-paying shifts on offer, but the boss had already booked me for this when she was still trying to get someone to cover her overnight shift - you shouldn't ditch your regular shifts just to pick up others that happen to pay more. Damn annoying.

I'll get her though - she is on overnight tomorrow, so I will wash everything in the house and leave her 8 hours of ironing to do :-P


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