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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Two steps forward...

One sudden roadblock.

As Co8ers will know, my mod came to a sudden pause, with me being dragged in to work today. On the upside, I solved one of the issues I had, and the end fight is LOOKING GOOD. Woohooo! ETA probably Friday (a reshuffle at work, that's my new day off) which is not that far off, since its Thursday to the Americanians reading this (Oz being a day ahead of the rest of the planet ;-))

Damn I am weary though, too many long hours at work. Well, too many early mornings anyways. Had a GREAT night last night though. One of the kids I work with (who shall remain nameless and confidential of course) has a bad habit of scratching, pinching, headbutting and generally trying to inflict pain. I remember his very first day in, when he was a littl'un, and a bit of pinching seemed harmless. I remember taking him to a holiday show at the shops and carrying him around when he was tired. Now 7-8 years on he is a teenager and if he landed an unexpected headbutt he could break someone's nose. Do'h! VERY frustrating situation.

So last night he was in his usual form and had me rather stressed. I was talking to him, trying to get him to express why he did these things, but his usual form of communication is to repeat what you say, and trying to get him to say exactly what was on his mind is not easy. Not the first time I have tried this and gotten nowhere, not that it surprises me.

Anyway, he started keening and generally sounding upset (though I had kept the questions in a 'pleasant' voice to try to encourage him to talk, hadn't been interrogating him ;-)) But he sounded upset, so, on a whim almost, I started praying with him. Well, praying out loud in front of him I guess.

He calmed down immmediately, so I began praying over him properly. He didn't mind in the slightest, didn't try to scratch or pinch or anything. He became very settled and began speaking to me quite nomally (though not saying a lot), even said 'please' when he asked for a drink (can't remember the last time he said 'please'!)

Long story short - he was cheerful and placid the rest of the evening, and again this morning. So was I!

So praise God! I don't know if its quite a miracle, but it was certainly something. Makes me think... hardly the first time I have seen such things - indeed, I have seen the miraculous, and from my own prayers too - and yet I haven't done any prayer ministry in ages. My prayer group is going well but we haven't been doing a lot of prayer ministry either... must do something about that!


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