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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Custom Soundtrack Tutorial

So, you've just made a whole new map or area or whatever following Jota's "how to make a new map" thread (its a bit more fiddly than he suggests, but it works :-)). And you want to add a custom soundtrack. Well I will tell you what I did step by step.

First I made my new map - we'll call it Frank's house, because that is what it is. It will occur in that empty house north of the brewery. I am using Jinnerth the tailor's house as a template: I may modify it graphically later but I doubt it, since I just don't have much skill with those arty programs (some may have noticed...).

So... my new map is in the maps folder, its called map1-int30-Frank. Its name in map_names.mes is {5120}{Frank's house} (note I went straight on to 5120 rather than leaving a gap like I normally do, beacuse I couldn't get it working any other way - what I meant when i said it was a bit more fiddly than first thought). I changed other files of course but they are irrelevant for the music.

Anyways, lets get our new music file and put it in. It is mp3, right? Mine is an old Chicago song, I swear it was the only mp3 I could find on my PC, and the good Lord alone knows how it got there (rolls eyes). Anyway, copy it and stick it in the folder data\sound\music. I named mine 'testingmusic.mp3'.

Now, lets look at the music files. These are schemelist.mes and schemeindex.mes. These are in ToEE2.dat.

Crack schemelist. Mine ends at 3100, future generations may go later.

Soooooo... I insert a couple new lines:


{3200}{music\testingmusic.mp3 /VOL:60 /loop}

Have a good look at this file: notice you can add ambient music too if u feel the need. For now, save, and stick this in the folder data\sound, right along side the music folder you just went into.

Now for schemeindex. I added the line:

{32}{Frank's house #3200}

This, as the rem stuff at the top suggests, points straight into the schemelist.mes file you just modified. Also notice I spelled 'Frank's house' IDENTICALLY to how it occurs in map_names.mes. Dunno if that is important, but lets not tempt fate. Save and stick this file in the sound folder next to the other one.

Finally, go back to the folder in maps (map1-int30-Frank). Open it up and go down the bottom to the mapinfo text file. I don't know if this is called or not or just for info but again, lets not tempt fate and be consistent.

Since I copied Jinnerth's house, it will say "soundscheme: 1, 0" - thats the basic sound u hear wandering around Hommlet.

As u may have noticed in schemelist.mes, it goes in hundreds. Ours is 3200, so of course we change the mapinfo thing to "soundscheme: 32, 0". Save.

Thats all there is to it - simple eh? Modify 3 files, stick in the music and your done.

So... I run the game, start down near the Renton's (seem to spend my whole game in that house), pop the console and enter (after the utilities bit) game.fade_and_teleport(0,0,0,5120,489,485) to go to my new map. Presto, there I am.

The Hommlet music fades out, and the painful strains of Chicago's 'you're my inspiration' or something begin to swell. Not too far though - the music is too soft. Obviously I can change that by fiddling the vol setting in schemelist.mes. But the main thing is, IT WORKS!


At 4:45 pm, Anonymous Cute boots said...

another tutorial huh? *cheeky grin*

can i always be the naughty student? :D

At 11:58 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

See me after class ;)

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At 3:55 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

O great, the spammers have arrived. Thankyou VERY FUCKING MUCH. Yes I visited your various sites out of courtesy, but I mean really... ---sigh---

Stock graphics? For blogs or RPGs? For Blogs, ummm I have no idea but Yvy's site (in my links) might be a place to ask, she loves that stuff.

For RPGs, grab a digital camera and go forth. Thats how I get map textures.

At 6:51 pm, Blogger mistyeiz said...

:-O u're sending spammers over to me??? *ggrrr...*

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