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Friday, September 02, 2005

Playful NPCs, the ongoing saga

Well I have been back at work on the combat voices. Got Zert's "going into combat" thing working nicely, found Spugnoir and Furnok are missing that line (12057), found Raimol will show the line as floating text but say 12020 instead, and Elmo just ignores the whole thing [sigh]. The Raimol thing, which reminds me a little of the PC voices on map change getting mixed up, is yet one more bit of evidence that the voices were removed as broken rather than left unfinished or bugged. Since each has to be individually scripted, I will just find the ones that actually work and include those.

Doing it like this means the lines fire on the NPC's turn, so the "critical hit" and "miss" lines, which are meant to be said as responses to the PC scoring a hit (or missing) will probably largely have to be skipped, except where they make sense as refering to the NPC's own actions (eg "take that!").

Still working on the "I'm badly wounded, heal me" / "I'm badly wounded, I'm outta here" issue. Some new evidence has come to light that this may be overcomabable.


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