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Sunday, December 09, 2007


I have been looking through levelup.tab. Liv tells me this was 'fixed' by breaking it, but I can't see it - o well, must check the original version when I get home :-) But now for the interesting bits: apparently Thrommel WAS meant to level up as a paladin! That woulda made for some funky moments with him holding Fragarach ;-) Also, Jenelda (the lesbian whore) was meant to join the party - you can see pretty clearly in the dlg where that bit was edited out (Bertram can join, but not Jenelda? There's a comment in there somewhere). She was meant to be a cleric, and learn some pretty nasty spells... Serena, on the other hand, is missing: I guess early Co8-ers added her. Good for them! But where did her vocals come from, and does Jenelda have a whole folder of unused vocals...? Jaer and Morgan have Improved Bull Rush - really must see if that does anything! (More likely its the same as Swim, Jump and all the other crap skills in the protos.tab that do nothing: it strikes me if it worked it would have a strategy.tab entry, and it doesn't to my knowledge... ALTHOUGH none of those weird skills are in levelup.tab, so it post-dates parts of protos.tab in that respect. I wonder which levelup.tab Co8's is based on - original or patch 2?) The clerics get 'feat spontaneous casting cure' which I've never seen before - with Liv's new ai stuff that can identify a nearby party-member who needs healing, that could be a very good addition: must give it to every good cleric in KotB. Lareth gets it to, despite being Negative, although Jenelda gets 'feat spontaneous casting inflict', the scallywag: evil clerics generally have better things to do than 'inflict wound' spells, so might give them a miss. Elmo infamously goes Ranger and gets 'feat two weapon fighting ranger', which I just figured out the syntax for in KotB for our recruitable ranger Aeron - wish I had thought to look in here beforehand and saved myself a few CTDs and endless level-ups to see what does what.

Why am I looking at levelup.tab? Surely you can figure that out for yourselves... ;-)


At 6:19 pm, Anonymous Allyx said...

The levelup.tab file was broken by adding an extra tab after the character's name, I beleive Wonnilon escaped this edit, and still auto level's.


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