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Friday, April 11, 2008

Back in Malaysia

Wow, haven't powered up this blog for a while! A sad testament to my lack of comedic skills - I just ran out of jokes for Kecik. O well. I do have a couple of tutorials on the backburner but they will have to wait.

So here I am: the family is together again. Yvy and Arianna came over here 3 weeks before me and I tells ya, it was 3 weeks of hell without my little cheeky 8^( Not least because I had to move house by myself: my poor legs felt like they would never make it, and I pulled something in my left back carrying the very last box up the 3 flights of stairs to our new place, albeit that wasn't serious and is gone now.

So whats happening here? Well, just spending time with family. Next week we go to a hotel in Penang for a few days of luxury R&R: I'll see how cheeky goes in the kiddy pool (she loves bath time - easily her favourite time of the day - but hasn't enjoyed the kiddy pool we bought her, it made her cry).

She is doing fine. She has learnt to sit up for long periods, as well as rolling over all over the place (she only rolled over for the first time just before they left). So she can sit with her toys in front of her and play with them - gorgeous to watch.

On to other matters. Here is a bird.

Cute little thing. They are everywhere here in Kulim. They act like they look - small and very flighty, hopping aruond and on the go in the manner of small birds the world over, I dare say. I think there would be a market for them in Oz - people who like finches would like these since they are fairly similar in behaviour (or so it seems to me) and while not so colourful, they are also not so loud and have a chirping song very different to anything in Oz. They sound more like the local lizards (who are everywhere - even in the most expensive hotels - and laugh at you). A few of these would be a very pleasant addition to any amatuer aviary.

Speaking of photos, here's something:

Well of course with a promise of joy, and at only 1 Ringgit (a can of Coke is around 1.80) I could hardly pass this up. But it was a scam - it was just a fizzy lemon drink, nothing special at all and too sweet. To paraphrase Monty Burns, I believe I would have more joy if I'd kept the Ringgit.

Final pic - one of my little cheeky. She has discovered mirrors - so cute!

We'll be back on the 18th. I start my second job immediately after: we've made our first payment on the mortgage, and in 30 years I can afford to die.


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