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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Handle Animal

Damn I am proud of this! As I have said elsewhere, I am very proud that we have added new skills to KotB, and the recently implemented Handle Animal skill may prove to be the best yet.

Of course the main element of it is about controlling your pet during combat (or having some sort of input into what it does), done through the genius of Liv, but just to shake things up I have included 'fetch' and 'drop' commands, and they are now in the game and fully working! Let's see them in action 8^D

Here is our target item (the fetch command works on any item up to 5 lbs):

And here we are telling our faithful mountain wolf (supplied by Icy Edge) to fetch it:

And here is the result!

Here is our second item:

And here is what happens when we try to get our critter to pick it up:

Here we are telling our faithful friend to drop what he is carrying (he will otherwise carry it indefinitely):

And here is the result of that :-)

So what good is it?

I'm sure I have no idea! But people will think of something ;-)


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