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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Well, I decided to do a backup of my mod since it is almost done. I thought I will just burn my 'modding' folder.

Til I saw it was 1.9 GB.

Not that the mod is gonna be that big - probably under 10Mb (and most of that will be sounds). Just getting the kids to giggle every time u talk to them is nearly a mb, mp3's take up some space! But it does say something about all the crap that has built up in my mod folder. Again, mostly sounds, I have a little assortment I have collected for everything from voices to spell effects to giggling children to dramatic music to sheep (unhappy sheep at that, as I'm sure you can understand ;-)). Had a similar pack of images, but I do my image fiddling on Dad's computer (he is into digital photos and such) and have to keep that cleaned up (its my slow old P3) so I delete the crap once finished. I DID clear out several hundred megs of voices - now they are up on the net, they are stored at my d/l site and on the Co8 server so I can always get them again if I need them. Must do the 'BlackAdder' and 'Al Pacino' voice sets one of these days, but they are not exactly a priority ;-).

Mod is still ticking along, hopefully will be finished today and can do the file-transfering (to include all the other mods) tomorrow, and don one last run-through to make sure it all works. Then she's done, and its on to bigger and better things. Like sleep :-D

Bob Carr, the NSW premier, just resigned. Will be very interested to see the reaction to that.


At 7:21 am, Anonymous Old Book said...

Due, Black Adder voice set would be huge!

Black Adder = Leader, Cleric of Oldimarra
Baldric = Halfling Rogue 2/Fighter 8 (way too cometent for Baldric, but what can you do)
Melchiot = Wizard
Elizabeth = Female Fighter/Barbarian
Nursey = Half Orc Druid. Battle cry = "Mooo"

At 3:08 pm, Anonymous Cerulean the Blue said...

LOL! Old Book, that would be so cool. What do you say, Ted. Maybe you could get Alyx on it. I would use it in a heartbeat. Maybe some stuff from Black Adder III. The Prince would be hilarious.


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