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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Playful NPCs again

Well, I have made a couple discoveries.

There appears to be the 'pecking order' issue with the 'enter combat' voices, which long time readers will remember from the 'o no the leader is dead' voice. That's why Raimol was misfiring - take Zert out (you remember he tended to have a dominant vocal role?) and Raimol chirps up with the correct "into battle sir!" at the start of combat (as opposed to the wrong line at the start of his first round which he did before). Also, in some cases all the voices go off at once. That sux.

Worst of all, they only seem to fire ONCE. So you recruit a new NPC, like Fruella or Meleny, and they say this line once, then thats it.

Now, that is apparently due to me firing the line with san_enter_combat. I might change it to san_start_combat, which seems to fire at the start of each round, flag it then reset the flag in san_exit_combat. Thats a hassle, but if it gets it working properly, well and good.

Back to the grind! But certainly there will be no new voices in the next patch, alas :( Hmmm other than Zert: he seems to get it right each time :) and since there is no-one else there, there is no-one else to talk over him. I'll throw him in as an Easter Egg.


At 10:36 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

playful npc chix is gud idea.

u cant go wrong wit pimps n their hoes n other horny chix.


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