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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Australia Day

Ted is listening to: A CD of barnyard animals
Ted's mood: Emotionally erect (cock-a-doodle-doo!!!)
Winnings: $117 In Kitty: $100

Happy Australia Day! WOOHOOOO! Another year older, or something.

Went to the casino last night with a mate. After he had been lecturing me endlessly since New Year about why I shouldn't be gambling, I ended up winning the amount I wanted ($50 + beer money) and he gambled stupidly and blew $90 he couldnt afford - and wasted a lot of my time doing it. But since it was Australia Day today, the city was jumping last night and we still got to the pub before it shut. Heard a nice little band playing too, cute little girly and an impressive guitarist. Lot of exercise too, walking from my mates work to the casino and back to my car. Damn I need exercise! Good night out overall.

Didn't sleep much again last night {yawn}. Feeling inspired to do that NPC though.


At 8:04 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

barnyard animals...? *looks as ted suspiciously*

baby, i love these kinda short but informative posts. post more ya? ;) hey, where's mah meme?? *bad pandi!*

At 12:12 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

cazinos r cheetorz. 1s i gambelt n lost liek 30 bucks daamn all cheeterz wut a bummer it was. i almost went bak in wit ax n chopdese suckaz down but my buddyz dun let me go in. sed itz stooped go 2 jail for 30 bucks but wut can i do itz so dipressin. it still maeks me mad evn now thinkin bout it!!!


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