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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More things you never knew about ToEE

Well my run of nightshifts started last night, a bunch of mellow kids who stayed asleep and left me free to mod up a storm! Got the Guildmaster started (finally) as well as the goon at the Guildhouse door who stops u entering until you have an invitation of some sort (later in the game these should be plentiful but early on u gotta earn it). Also got a tutorial done on the use of the reputation thing, needs some script work done b4 I publish it though.

For the moment, here's some silly crap to keep you all entertained %^P

More Things You Never Knew

1) The 'f' word occurs in the internal workings of the game at least 4 times (no, not Fruella, the other 'f' obscenity).

2) The programmer who did the radial menu for spells stuck his birthday in the file (its September 29).

3) Many of you know some of the files in the game are actually from Arcanum. Thats bad enough. Whats worse is, Troika included Arcanum files in the PATCHES. Possibly thats why patch 2 is smaller than patch 1, they wised up.

4) Temple.dll hacking is rightly considered the peak of ToEE modding - though frankly some of what Cujo does probably ranks alongside, considering he does it with a hex editor. Anyways, if we look at the string dump for Temple.dll we find fascinating things like:

102B6DB4: 'Your Mama',0

Aaaah the mysteries of assembly language.

5) Did I mention some of the skills found in the game last time? There are lizardmen with skill levels in Balance, Jump and Swim, Ghouls who have them in Intuit Direction, Climb and Escape Artist, and the usual collection of Alchemy, Disguise, Craft, and Knowledge. To the best of my knowledge, none of these skills is supported in the game.

6) Brother Smyth: Thats the guy's actual name from the module btw, not a piece of creative laziness (well, its a 'title' given to him, not an actual name). I had a whole paragraph of mockery on this before I went back and checked the module. God bless 'delete'!

Anyways, Brother Smyth whacks his anvil exactly 9 times in a row. No more, no less. Its controlled by NPC_Brother_Smith.txt - yup, a simple txt doc.

You knew that cause it was in the last blog? Well, did you know that if a dumb character asks him for healing, Brother Smyth respods by asking if perhaps the PC has a head a injury?

7) A quote from the internal game quotesheet (Troika's office blooper reel - o the shenanigans they got up to! Its a wonder the game didn't have bugs with all that horseplay and scallywaggery) is from a salivating RPG Codex member on how good the game would be. See, they ARE listening! So don't think your rants on Co8 etc go unnoticed (I seriously doubt they look here though).

8) You all know there are Deklo trees in the game, but did you know there was Deklo grass too? Go on, you didn't. Admit it. There are 'usk' trees too.

9) There is a blank module included for us to use to create our own efforts. Its for Arcanum, of course {sigh}

10) The dumb guy responses are an endles source of minor amusement: they include threatening to kneecap the miller and one dlg line for Mickey simply says {[Beat the crap out of him]}: there are a variety of weird little offshoot dialogues as exasperated NPCs struggle to make themselves understood, while being called names like "Bunny", "Elbow", "smelly coward", "Spoony", "Sand Cubber", "Cave nut", and receiving advice like, "bonk Filly-man. Take barn". (Something got lost in translation there, I think!)

But one line deserves a special mention. When the dodgy courier comments that he really doesn't like Gremag and Rannos, dumb guy has the option of replying:

"I do not like Green Egg and Rann. I do not like them, @pcname@ I am."


At 6:14 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

funny dielogs in 10) r da bestest. all dielogs shulds b liek dat! i could rite tons of dees.

At 7:34 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

yes u could.

hey I decided I am gonna use your idea for just copying the blacksmith mobs, and you'll get credit for it. It will be a pain in the ass with a hex editor, but at least it'll settle the issue.

At 1:19 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

glad i coul dhelp homie. u kno sumtimes i feel real smartsy so bettar put dees momentz 2 gud use! ne way hope datr haxorzin wif editar worx out.


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