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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Woohoooo! Finished work this morning, off for TWO AND A HALF WEEKS! Then night-shifts for a holiday camp thing, which will hopefully be a week of late-night modding on the laptop (and kiddies sleeping thru and not disturbing me. Might up their meds to make sure... its good to be a doctor!) So hopefully lots of modding time coming up. Not today though, going back to bed, my sleep patterns have just sucked the last few days. Might be the heat.

Saw Harry Potter - the Goblin's on Fire! yesterday. Took my ma grocery shopping - not happy about that, a few days out from Xmas - but the local shops were practically empty! In the middle of the day too... bizarre. So I figured I could go to the movies in peace, and I did 8^) Not a bad job with such a humungous book, indeed really enjoyed it. I heard Sirius Black was left out, but Gary Oldman still did some voice work I am glad to say, so by the look of things he will be back for #5 where he plays such an important role. They did the Quidditch World Cup as a RenFaire, I kept looking around for Allyx ;-) Really sweating for #5.

Hey anyone else having issues with Atari switching over to VBulletin? At least, it LOOKS like they switched over to VBulletin... I can't log in anymore - not that I remember my password. But when I hit 'I forget my password" and stick in my Yahoo mail, it says that mail account is banned! WTF did I do? Seriously, Volourn gets to be a troll and I get banned, call that justice!?!??!


At 6:37 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

hairy pottar - gay.
n dun worry bout atari. atari is ded newae, now ntell n mikorsoft rulez da market. my atari computar rots in da basement. n its no suprize atari is ded, if dey ban custumarz (veri bad 4 bizznizz even I kno dat)!

At 12:51 pm, Anonymous Yvy said...

Merry Christmas, baby!!

Miss u and wished u were here. *hug hug kiss kiss* Yup, this dont need no mistletoe. ;)

At 8:58 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

o yea dats rite, MARY XMAS homie!
n u 2 yvy!


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