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Monday, November 21, 2005

Tutorial list

Here is a list of my tutorials and various blogs that may be of interest to people doing ToEE modding. I will sticky this over on the right and update it as I add new ones :-) O and the first 12 are available as a single .pdf from Co8, HERE, thanks to Krunch's efforts.

These are done in descending order, u gotta scroll to the bottom to see the latest ones (the opposite of the 'recent blogs' auto-sticky thing).

Adding new PC voices

Basic dialogue writing tutorial part 1

Basic dialogue writing tutorial part 2

Basic dialogue writing tutorial part 3

Basic dialogue writing tutorial part 4

Custom sountrack tutorial

Adding sound and visual FX and spawning from dialogue

Proactive NPCs

Adding NPC followers

Transferring items

Adding chatter to NPC (unfinished)

Creating new NPCs with ToEEWB

Sectoring Internal Doors

Common Mistakes and Common Scripts

Adding movies

Complete(ish) Sectoring Tutorial

Flags Tutorial Part 1

Flags Tutorial Part 2

ToEEWB Tips and Traps

Factions, Reputations, and Reactions

Animations Part 1

Scripting for Proto Values

Creating Notes

KotB Scripts

KotB Scripts Part 2

Adding New Meshes

Maps, Areas and Quests


At 7:50 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

wow 12 tuterials oredi.
next will b da unluckly 13!!!

At 3:50 am, Anonymous krunch said...

Hey ShiningTed. This is krunch.
- I will add your (newest) last 6 tutorials to your tutorials PDF for co8 to host a new copy.
- I'll have it done soon, like by next week; at least I hope it will be done by then.


At 6:57 am, Anonymous krunch said...

Hey, where's my cookie? :/

At 2:13 pm, Anonymous krunch said...

I guess I get a cookie tomorrow on Monday the 29th 'cause that's when the new PDF will be finished.

At 12:48 pm, Anonymous krunch said...

It's done.


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