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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Travel Blog

Ted here, still alive and currently in Borneo - my second visit. Have to keep it short, am in an executive function room thing on the 17th flr of a swanky hotel overlooking the river in Kuching - fabulous locale, but I am not really meant to be here, they just felt sorry for me since my room wasn't ready. I don't normally get into executive area I can assure you. ;-)

Will be back in Sydney on the 7th though hopefully will be at a PC for a decent period to tell of my adventures before that. Lots to tell, have been to Penang, KL and Singapore. So many transvestites around! And I'm from SYDNEY mind u, and I'm still shocked.



At 10:52 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

wut abt teh bird flu? haev u c any birds dere in bornao? nasty stuffs. so if u evar c a bird, run 4 ur life liek thers no tomorrow, im telleing u! not worth dieing cuz of sum silly bird.

At 11:02 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Bird flu? Well that would explain those chickens what sneezed at me the other day... damndest thing.

First time I came here was in the SARS thing, got a cheap ticket. then came in the last bird-flu scare, got a cheap ticket. This time I had to pay full price :-(

At 10:38 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

uh ok but if i was u i wouldent b in placez whers soem birdz around. u kno bettar save than sorry.
n wut was taht abt those faggits? thers liek thousands of faggits?!!1 oh my. u bettar avoid them 2... faggits spread soem diseese jst liek birdz n u can die from iyt!!1!
its calld AID it meens ANAL INFECTED DISEESE. scarry stuff homie!

At 12:44 pm, Anonymous mistyeiz said...

not to worry, just a bum....i've placed a 'no entry' sign on his rear. :D LOL!!

At 6:05 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

wow such signs shurly r useful. i think they r selleing thoes signs 2 all da tourists in all hotels ther in bornao! but wut if u meet soem unedacated faggit n he dun read it?

At 6:37 pm, Blogger Chuck said...

Your blog was dynamite! I thought your blog on crazy bird videos were a gas!

At 10:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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