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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ted dreams of his grisly death

Don'tcha love dreams like that?

I shoulda written this one down, it was sooooooooo much better at 5:30am when I woke up. There was a long bit beforehand full of dream-weirdness all leading up to it, but the only thing I remember was the culmination of the dream.

I have been in a very holy and spiritual way the last few days (no, really!) even received a plenary indulgence the other day at the advice of a Confessor who pointed out the Year of the Eucharist ends next week. So perhaps not surprisingly I was dreaming of the Vatican (ok, its a bit wierd). In the fabulously ludicrous manner of dreams, the Vatican was a big square sandstone building rather than the white marble of reality.

I dreamt that it collapsed. I was in another building, sorta like a hall nearby, and I saw the main building start to just crumble and collapse. The Pope and various other dudes got crushed, and I thought, "Maybe I should run over and help them like a good Catholic". But there would have been nothing I could do and it looked scary so I didn't. ;-)

What I did do was lok at the building I was in and think, "hope this one doesn't collapse too". It was the same sort of sandstone building. I looked up and saw it was rock solid, not shifting around as the main one had been seconds before, but then (in the manner of dreams) I had no sooner thought it might collapse than it started to. People began running in all directions and I headed for the middle of the Hall so the walls did not come down on me (it had sorta an open roof). But this hall was collapsing from the bottom, it was like the floor was falling away into an abyss, and I thought, "This isn't just an earthquake or something, this is the end of the world." The floor crumbled under me and I fell into blackness, expecting at any second for huge blocks of sandstone to land on me (hoping they would kill me outright instantly and not just smash me to pieces and cause me to die slow and painful), but I was surprisingly calm and just thought something along the lines of, "well, the end of the world is an article of faith, can't complain when it happens. God's will be done". And I yelled, "praise God" as I fell. Everything was black and I waited to go "into the light" of the afterlife or the Second Coming or whatever was happening.

I woke up feeling quite crappy, probably because I had only had 5 hours sleep (in fact, I lay there thinking "I feel 5-hours-sleep crappy", rolled over and looked at the clock and sure enought thats exactly how much sleep I had had). I don't like waking up from weird dreams feeling crappy. Sometimes I have woken up with my heart racing from a nightmare and I have wondered, "was my heart doing something weird and that is what caused my subconscious to have a nightmare?" (I suffer from ectopic heartbeats, harmless but at times very annoying).

I had another dream the other day too, where this voluptuous and very pertty young lady was keen to have her way with me. I kept thinking I had to be true to my g/f and stalled her. You know u r in a state of grace when u behave youself in your dreams! I normally run amok in dreamland, in the happy knowledge its not real (when I realise I'm dreaming that is).

Dreams I hate most? When something REALLY good happens. Then u wake up to normal life - HATE that! Dreamt a few weeks back I was at work and I had a winning lottery ticket in my back pocket (scary how this is my second post in as many times about winning the lottery - I sound obsessed!) I dreamt I had won about 15 large (VERY large!) and was just marking time at work and wondering whether i should tell them to just go jump and walk straioght off the shift - of course, I didn't. I knew I should keep my mouth shut about my windfall until i had cashed the ticket but couldn't help blabbing about it to one of the other workers, and I was thinking all the time what would I do with the money.

Then I woke up - from millionaire to plain old struggling Ted in an instant. THAT SUX!!!

Anyways - today I got jabbed with a hep A needle prior to heading off to Malaysia. I have to do my tax return too (bugger). BUT will still have time to mod, got some done last night. :-) Got the Corporal and Scribe up on the screen. Not sure what to dress the Scribe in, those wizard robes, meh I just don't like them. Tried him in a white monk's robes outfit and he looks like a courtier. Might just work.

Back to the grind! You can expect one more tutorial before I go.


At 11:58 am, Blogger mistyeiz said...

:-O WHO was the pretty young? =P good thing u didnt let her have her way with u...such a good sayang. :D


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