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Saturday, September 24, 2005

How it stands

I am really in the mood to do some more tutorial work but I have a lot of other stuff to do (still) particularly about getting the starter pack out for KotB. So for the moment I will simply post a blog letting people know how things stand with everything that is going on.

I have found the remaining problems with my mod. Thanks to Agetian I fixed the Ah Fong CTD issue and after much frigging around I fixed the naked St Cuthbert issue. So, everything there is done, and my end of the Co8 4.0.0 project has been passed on to Cerulean. O and I was able to do a complete changelog. COMPLETE. Well almost complete ;-)

Sol has provided Liv's email address (NOT for public consumption of course, I won't even be using it myself) so we can get in touch and ask if there is anything she still wants to pass on.

Screeg has made several more maps (he has mapped 10 seperate locations, with multiple floors and day/night versions for them) and is working on the main keep map. He will doubtless do a better job than mine! I am currently sectoring some of his maps.

A friend of mine, the very artist who was meant to help in the first place, is doing some art for me to pass to Gaear for our first ever fan-made cut-scene.

Spike has provided me with all the original art from the module and indeed everything from the original module in an easily distributable web form. Again I am just not going to hand out the module top everyone - copyright, u know - but people who want to get on board and want to ask about this and that will have the answers at their fingertips.

Edwin is providing plots at a rapid pace and several plot-lines are being thoroughly fleshed out.

Thats about it! Lots of other little things going on, of course. All coming along slowly but surely.


At 6:02 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

ok homie sounds gud.
im kinda workin on dielogs 2 so...
chex this out.

PK barb travals da dirty road n meets a band of soem punk bards.

BARD#1 - ho ho ho travallar!
PK BARB - uh... santa is dat u?
BARD#2 - no silly, we r teh gay band of rox n role!
PK BARB - wut is dat?
BARD#4 (maeks drumroll)
BARD#1#2#3 (chorus) - we r teh beatlez
PK BARB - liek dung beetlez?
BARD#1 - no no no much bettar! wanna listen?
PK BARB - uh...
BARD#2 - ok hear we goez... on 3... 1 2 3...
BARD#1 - (gay voice) - jesterrdazee, all da trablz seem so farawaaay...
PK BARB - uh me ears hurtz, somebodey pls shut teh mike off!
BARD#1#2#3#4 - :(((
PK BARB - ...
BARD#1 - oh wellz, so who u b?
PK BARB - i r teh pk barb, naem is SUPAWHIRL
BARD#2 - wut doz teh 'pk' mean?
PK BARB - uh.. lemme show u k?
BARD#1#2#3#4 - wee, groovey!
PK BARB (whirlz in2 da middel n slayz all da looser bards liek pussies)
PK BARB - hear u go faggits! u couldent sing anywae.

n our brave heero pk barb travals on...

so how do u liek it homie? i can rite lots dielogs, jst tell me abt wut.
or u can give me ur dielogs n i will improove em 2 perfectian!

At 7:38 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Well the basic concept of running into a band of minstrels is good, we'll use that and give you the credit :-)

At 1:44 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

k homie. i can flash out plod-linez n provide plods @ a rapoid pace liek noone else!
more 2 cum!


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