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Friday, September 09, 2005

Ideas for KotB

Ok, this is just some brain-spew on KotB and some info for people interested.

One way players will be able to adventure thru the Keep is by only being able to access certain areas as they achieve certain outcomes. Specifically, the Inner Gatehouse, the various towers, the walls, the roof area on top of the Stables, and the Guildhouse. As they gain the confidence of the various leaders of the Keep (by heroism or guile) they will be admitted to more areas, and thus learn more or have the opportunities to find or steal keys to yet more areas, or befriend / bribe / intimidate certain people. In this way, as the different sections open up, the player can truly adventure through the Keep and it will be a genuine place for fun, not just to rest and buy stuff.

Information about the mod can of course be freely exchanged among modders. However, a few things will be 'need to know', so that the modders themselves (hopefully including me!) will still have a few surprises when they play it through that first time. Otherwise, the more we share the better.

The Church in the Keep looks at this point to be a Church for Heironeous. There will also be a chapel to Kord in the Fortress which many of the guards use, and of course there will be some rivalry between the different clerics and factions (no damn 'conversion' quests though, please!)

Some clever puzzles would be VERY welcome. There is not a whole lot of support for such things, perhaps, but that just means we have to be smarter in coming up with them.

The 'make hate' issue should be important. NPCs should react sensibly to u, and if u have pissed them off, well, it shouldn't just be reflected in the opening comment, it should lead to its own dialogue tree. If you want something from them, you either have to skill your way to it or change their opinion of u!

NPCs should have morale checks and the ability to flee or surrender. Undead can flee when turned, so it can be done. Of course u then have to hunt them down, so we have to look into a leave combat thing. I think thats what the shitlist thing is for. What a great name ;-)

We also need some way of punishing characters who play outside of alignment, like fallen paladins. Lose a level maybe? Clerics particularly shouldn't be able to go against the interests of their gods.


At 12:01 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

i can say 1 thing agian:
u cant go wrong with pimps n hoes n horny suburban moms.
teh more is teh bettar.

oh n also soem crazy psycho wit bigass ax slayin ordenary ppl is also gud thing to haev.
also annoyin bard dude who cant sing for shit, so psycho could ax him.
also smartsypatnsy wizznerd so psycho could ax him 2...
also soem big white sharks.
also chinese food sellar, poisenign other ppl.
also some graemlins eating little kidds.
also teh LORD of Destructian himself with lotsa clones.
also soem allians coeming from teh outarspace n doin experimentz with ordinary ppl.
also soem awsum kult sacrificeing babies n eating their harts for lunch (may b connected with teh allians).
also soem gudy shoez morons who ultamately fail to save teh world, coz they cant even saev their asses.
also big laboretory under teh ground city where soem nasty virus breaks loos n maeks everyone in2 zombies.

all thees things is very importent to haev.

At 7:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is that dude?

On conversations: Perhaps the opening conversation (if you're not hated already) could give you an opportunity to roleplay, or use a bit of info collected somewhere else, to get into someone's good graces. And then depend on stat rolls, or maybe some of one approach, some of the other?

On clerics/paladins: how about a fallen cleric? I like the no-more-xp in your class solution already in use for paladins, as long as there is a sensible way to get "un-fallen" (like a one-opportunity per game quest).


At 5:40 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Well I can try everything but the sharks.

As for the fallen clerics, I need help there.

At 3:40 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

allrite, tahts teh spirit!

but white sharks would b kool. liek some scene in teh sea, wher soem big killa sharks attack teh ship n sink it n eat most of its kru. n onli 1 cook survives wit his parrot n later sharks eat his parrot 2, so he gets really mad coz he was hoping to eat his parrot himself when he gets hungry all aloen in teh opensea, so he chops 1 big shark wit big ax, but laterz 1 other big shark bites his 1 leg off but he soemhow manages to escaep 2 soem place.

sounds liek gud start 4 adventure if u ask me!


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