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Thursday, September 15, 2005

First KotB dialogue underway

Well I had to work late tonight, and after the kids were in bed it was just me and the house Celeron for the last couple hours, so I powered up Notepad and got hacking at the first lines of dialogue. It was for the Watch (the guards what wander the Keep) who will hopefully actually be wandering around the map when the starter pack goes out. Starting writing I didn't have much in mind, just a few "move along" lines to get me going, but it was one of them moments like in Finding Forrester, you just start writing and you get in character and it takes over. Next thing I knew I had gone from inane crap - "where can I find accomodation in this here Keep?" - to a whole bunch of offshoot ideas, trying to bribe the guard, trying to get him to let you into the Fortress (on the pretext of attending services in the Chapel of Kord), cunningly getting him to talk about less well known things like the dungeons beneath the Keep, getting on his good side so the Seargant of the Watch will have a better reaction to you, and various alignment- and skill-related variants to these. These was just the 'off the top of my head' ideas. I also worked on a script to randomise his reaction to bribery, from accepting it thru rejecting it to telling you he will inform his superiors (depending on game state of course - if the PCs have been on a killing spree and the Keep is under Martial Law but they have not yet been identified as the culprits, the guard will still chat to them but will not be bribed under any circumstances). The random element reflects the randomness of which sort of guard you may be speaking to, a scrupulous one or a more mercenary one.

It was rip-roaring good fun to throw these ideas out and then just follow them wherever they led. I really do recommend people think about signing up if you have any sort of imagination and desire to see KotB come to fruition.

Back to working on the Keep map tomorrow.


At 1:35 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

ok listen 2 my new dielog:

(player) how cum u walk around hear, mr. watch?
(watch) its my job. now leave me aloen pls!
(player) y?
(watch) cuz im pissed off rite now
(player) y?
(watch) i haet my job!
(player) y?
(watch) it sux!
(player) ic... can i pass?
(watch) no.
(player) y?
(watch) u haev no bizznizz hear in da keep.
(player) y?
(watch) u tell me y.
(player) ok...
(watch) so?
(player) so wat?
(watch) so wat is ur bizznizz?
(player) nunya bizznizz!
(watch) oh ic.
(player) so can i pass?
(watch) no.
(player) y?
(watch) cuz we r closed.
(player) ic
(watch) so wtf dude move along alredi!
(player) um... say...
(watch) say wat?
... now cums fun roll playin part i maed up, from hear can be 2 ways into dis:
(player)...say hello to my little friend! (boom)
(watch) ohnoes... gotta run... ack... hurtz so bad... i hate my job... (dies)
2.(player) um... say... i give u this 1 dollar, can i pass then?
(watch) ok.

how do u liek my dielogs? kool isnt it.
i can write tons more 2 help u out homie!

At 2:35 am, Anonymous gaear said...

Hey Ted, just exacyly who is signed on to write dialogues write now? I'm getting the impression the list is short.

At 8:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who all is signed on to do anything?
I only know of 3 people by name.

How about posting an update of who's doing what on your update thread?

At 2:56 pm, Blogger mistyeiz said...


guess what??? i got introduced!! wooo hooo!!! :D



At 4:48 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Well Just a Bum's offer would double the group, lets put it that way.

Post names in the update thing? Yeah not a bad idea. I think I will.

At 4:48 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

so duz it mean i should write more kool funneh dielogs?
jst say bout wut. i can do all xcept 4 ariestokrat snobs cuz i kno nuttin bout them. i can only maek dielogs bout how they die haha.


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