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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ted's Mods

An update on my mods for strangers who pass by.

I have done two main mods so far:


I have added about 40 or so PC voices (for your characters) to the default 22 in the game. They are available to download from Co8, in three packs, along with the control files. They are compatible with basically every other mod (they add / change files no one else has fiddled with ;-))

Get them from this thread, with full instructions (and bug-related feedback)

TED'S MOD v1.2.1

This contains a variety of things I have done for the game, bug-fixes and added stuff for the NPCs to make everyday play a bit more fun, and also has my main mod, Desperate Houewives, a trip through the seedy underbelly of Hommlet with an Ultima-flavoured twist :-D

This requires the official Atari Patches 1 & 2 (for those who don't know - DON'T USE THREE if you are going to use mods) and the Co8 mods 3.0.4 and Liv 1.5.1 (again for those who don't know, these are the DEFAULT mods to fix the game, everyone should have them). Those patches are all available HERE. (You can skip the meobius2778 fixes, they are INCLUDED in Liv's patch) Then add mine over the top. Full install instructions included, as well as details of the work of other modders included in mine (one thing I did was roll together about a dozen patches doing the rounds and build my stuff to include them).

My mod is HERE.

Note this is version 1.2.1, so it has been through many bug-fixing patches and is quite stable (the patches mainly added new content, I hasten to add!). But it DOES overwrite the portraits file so if you have custom portraits, you will have to reinstall them.

There is also a server where people can download all this HERE.

More stuff to come when I have time. This stuff is all free, so NO DONATIONS. If you would like to help disseminate it, just send people to www.Co8.org :-)


At 9:32 am, Anonymous Sir Chet said...

Humble as allways, and I will continue to direct people to Co8.org


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