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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some things I hate

A quick rant before hitting the 'draft' button and getting on with more important things.

I hate it when a program butts in. How many times are you typing away at an email, or IM, or forum comment (or blog ;-)) and you look up from the keyboard (those of us who have to peck away with our eyes glued to the keyboard to type) and realise everything you just typed is not there because some program has just butted in and put itself on top. Or worse still, you are typing away while something downloads in the background or some slow-running thing is happening, and it butts in just as you finish typing and hit the enter key and instead of a carriage return on your typing, you have just entered 'cancel' for something you were waiting an hour for! >8-/

Hate it hate it hate it. If I had any programming ability I would prevent it - I would make a li'l utility called 'stay on target' or 'stay on top' (ooo-err ;-)), i would advertise it on TV as 'the most useful utility in the world' and people could come to my site and downlaod it for free, no strings attached. The ad revenue from the site would more than pay for the TV ads cause it would actually BE the most useful damn utility in the world (better than the 'open things with one click instead of two!' crap you see around, why do people waste their time on such things?)

The second thing I hate - NORTON. Its gotta go. It is not even working now, it is just sitting there with a big red cross over it, won't start and was flashing up some stupid error message 'Norton is switched off so you have to be told every 3 seconds cause its the worst news in the world' until I used the task manager to turn off every damn thing running that looked vaguely like it was from Symantec (but it is still in the tray). Symantec are an absolute disgrace - no uninstall, no ability to turn it off, Norton is a FUCKING VIRUS ITSELF. The 'help' thing reckons its carrying on because I have the Audigy startup thing enabled - HELLO!?!? Its been like that since I got the damn thing 3 years ago? Thats the thing, it has started carrying on out of the blue and I have not made any changes to the PC lately (well I updated Yahoo Messenger recently - don't get me started on them, thats only on step awea from being a virus itself). Long time readers of this blog (or possibly it was a forum entry on Co8...) will remember me saying that when I tried switching Norton off in MSconfig, ToEE started running in XP for the first time ever (though still took out the whole OS when I hit quit which sorta defeats the purpose, since I normally restart and play ToEE in 98) but then when I tried to turn Norton back on in MSconfig, it had to be REINSTALLED!!!! Piece of CRAP - seriously, this is everything Neil Young sings about. If I had a spare cent i would throw the Norton CDs in the bin today and get something better. Really, though, I need to do a clean install of XP.

Some good news - Screeg has now finished all the little rooms along the south wall of the Keep (numbered '7' in the original module). He is supplying things so much faster than I can do anything with them ;-) must get on to that. Got a couple days off coming up and can hopefully get on top of it all.


At 10:08 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

u kno ther is such toolz of keepin smth alldays on top. dun rememba how its calld but ther is. u should finds it seerchin teh web.

norten is stupid i know it 4 a veri long tiem. they just milk teh moneyz n do no gud. ther is better protectian out ther 4 free.

At 11:24 am, Blogger ShiningTed said...

k thx I will look for both :)

At 3:08 pm, Anonymous Cerulean the Blue said...

There is supposed to be an unistall tool on your Norton's disk, or you can download a uninstall tool for Norton's from the Symantec website. When I used the tool it took out a part of SP2 (BITS, the little program that, among other things, lets Windows Update work) along with Norton's, so I had to reinstall SP2. It was worth it though, once I figured out what had happened. Now I use AVG Free. For a free antivirus it's not too shabby. My parents have used it for years, and haven't gotten a virus yet.


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