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Saturday, October 01, 2005

And so...

Was out today with ma doing dutiful son things (driving her all over the city) and had a million things in my head I wanted to rant about. Now I am here, well, meh. None of them were relevant to ToEE, just me dwelling on everything that is wrong with society while tuning ma out ;-). Pity I can't just whinge in a really pathetic way, I could have a wretched blog that got onto Something Awful's 'Awful link of the day' and tens of thousands of their forum users could come by to abuse me and hopefully a few would click my ads :-P. Unfortunately this blog is too mediocre to be that bad!

Its a long weekend here in Oz (well, in Sydney anyways: bank holiday or labour day or Queen's Annual Bath day or something) so should get lots of modding done. Tomorrow is the Rugby League Grand Final - half the reason of having a long weekend of course, so no-one has to work on Monday with a hangover - but since my glorious Eels were knocked out last week I am going to spend tomorrow watching LotR extendy versions from beginning to end. (All 11 hours straight, never done it before). After church, of course. Just can't stomach the Grand Final this year - the two teams involved played each other 3 weeks ago in the first week of the finals and it was 50-6, a ridiculous one-sided affair. The team what got 6 (ie got flogged) then played the second final, won on the back of a mediocre perfomance, then last week they played my Eels and the Eels turned in their worst performance in 4 months. Jitters? Pressure? Choking? Maybe, but it means a team who have no business being there suddenly have a shot at the big one. Maybe its just sour grapes, I mean frankly I hope they beat the other guys (a local rival, albiet a team in red hot form who deserve to b there) but if they win, there is no way you can say the best team of the year got the trophy. But then the two best teams, my Eels and the Dragons (damn serpentine teams everywhere!) had their chances and blew em so what can u do?

Anyways I don't mod on the Sabbath so don't worry I am not slacking off, well no more than any other Sunday ;-) For anyone who doesn't keep the Sabbath, I highly recommend it: its a pain at first if u have essays due or anything else pressing but once u get used to thinking of that day as verboten for work, you quickly get used to it. Maybe u r not meant to spend it watching dvd's either but thats a whole other argument!

Done ummm about half the sectoring of the existant Keep maps and off to do more, right now :-)

EDIT: Just switched on the TV and Sydney University are giving it to arch-rivals Eastwood in the Sydney club rugby final - woohoooo!! At least ONE blue and gold team will win something this year... of course the Eels are in the Grand Final in the lower grades... no, no, mustn't go there!!!


At 10:14 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

yea homie sports r teh dirty shit wit mafia ruling over all n shit liek taht.
i tell u similer situatian. u kno footballz rite, da reel 1, not taht piece of shit they call it in usa. so anywae footsball is #1 in yurop n champianz leage is teh shit! so anywae 2 yrs ago i was cheereing 4 mah team liek crazy n u kno wut? it ended in teh stupidest final possabel! i mean monaco vs porto OMG LMAO!!! n thos wuss portos won it n their arrogent gay coatch murinhu maed fuckin career lol cuz stoopid russian mafia buys any1 jst coz of naems n so taht shitty went to chealse n is maekin millians of poundz of gold! teh mostest payed coach in teh histary of footballs. n hes so shitty he couldent win it last yr wit all thees millians n best playars n shit! cuz taht dude is all full of crap talks n nuttin else. man thees memories maeks me so mad im gonna smash soemdodey!

At 11:21 am, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Nothing ruins sport like money.

At 6:53 pm, Anonymous yvy said...


I'm blog of the week!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! * \:D/ ~ insert yahoo's dancing smiley* :P


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