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Friday, October 07, 2005

A decent program

Not so long ago I had a rant about programs that don't work like they should, like Norton that piece of crap. Don't think ToEE doesn't come under that category regularly! Damn it makes me swear... but anyways, today I want to talk about a program that DOES work properly, ToEEWB.

Damn this is fine. You may here us modders talk about it occasionally, but it really is good. You can tell it was made by a fellow modder, because it is user friendly. You load in a new sector for instance, but it doesn't just blat everything else: for example, I was adding many doors recently for KotB (if you have been keeping up you know that ;-)). I would add a door (needs location, door icon and jumppoint where you land). So you put these in, then embed it in the sector where it goes.

Add next door. Do you have to start again? That would suck because there are THOUSANDS of objects to scroll through to get to the 'door icon' one. No, you can change the sector you are dealing with and still go back, there is the door stuff still set up, change the location, change the jumpoints, KEEP the door icon, and embed again.

Make a boo-boo? You can open the sector, delete the embeded object, save the sector again, and go back, door stuff is STILL set up and just embed it again (correctly). It can sit there happily while you RUN THE DAMN GAME and test everything, then go straight back to editting. Luverly.

Compare this to my damn hex editor. I use some free thing, yay its free, whats it called? Hex something? I forget or annoying or not, I'd plug it cause its free and does the job. But every you time you start it and try to edit something, go to open a file, it defaults to its own damn folder. Why would I store my game files for editing in that folder? How about, I'd store them ANYWHERE ELSE? (Actually I store lotsa files in ToEEWB, but thats different - it is handy!). Anyways, how hard is it for that program to do what ever other freaking program on earth does - OPEN THE LAST FOLDER USED? That would be USEFUL? I mean its just common sense. U gotta wonder, do people even use these programs before they release them? I learnt the hard way never to release a patch without testing it, even if u r only making one tiny change to a file: I never did, but on occasion I was going to and I thought, no I better load it up n run it, and sure enough, something was haywire. Ya gotta TEST these things.

That'll do. New pics in the gallery, some shots of the doors put in :-)


At 8:28 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

can it cleen virusez n protekt usars from evil haxorz? taht would b niec featurez. i dun need it myself cuz im eleet haxor, but 4 soem poor l-userz its a must. it wont saev from me, but it shurly helps.

also i need program to do my hoemwork 4 me!

At 8:30 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

o yea n also soem programm 2 fix spelleing cuz most ppl whine taht im makeing lotsa mistaeks. n dun care but thoes teechars @ skool r givein me bad markz liek nobodyz bizznizz! they dun undarstand how fast i type!

At 4:09 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Your spelling looks fine to me, they probably just have to mark you down to maintain the grade curve - someone has to do badly to balance out all the rich kids the teachers give high marks to because they are paid off by their partents.


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