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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ted's Lottery Luck!

Had some amazing luck with a lottery ticket today, the odds musta been squillions to one against.

I went to werk this morning and after the morning shift decided to treat myself to a decent coffee (hey, i had worked for 2 whole hours u know!) So I headed over to the shops and while I was there, got a lottery ticket cause the prize is $9 million. Thats a fair amount - I mean, its enough not just to set u up for life, but to make a difference (I reckon anyways). Lets say you tithe - give away just 10% (and I should hope you could set yourself up with $8 million well enough to have more money coming in than you would know what to do with), thats $900 000, you could give 10 grand, a healthy slug, to like NINETY different charities. Who can even NAME 90 frigging charities? O, they're out there, don't u worry. I reckon u could have some small political influence too, but, well thats just my world domination thing again... forget I said that. On second thought, just look at the red light on top of this pen for a second while I put my glasses on...

Where was I? Forgotten? Good. I had just bought a lottery ticket, Powerball to b exact, it cost me $17 (none of my old tix had won jack btw) and thats far more than 1/2 what I had in my wallet, no more payday for another 7 days, but meh I live walking distance to work and i got a full fridge, I don't need cash atm. And I live on plastic anyways :-P

So I blow most of what I got buying a lottery ticket and walked home.

Got in, pulled out my wallet-keys-phone-horde of other crap I keep in my pockets, dumped em on top of the cupboard.

No ticket.

I had loosely folded it so as not to crease it, stuck it in a jumper pocket (weather is up n down in Sydney atm, mostly warm) and it had come out.

Clumsy. Stupid. $17 I couldn't afford to just throw away, and I may as well have flushed it down the toilet.

I go outside, down the driveway and look down the road. Nothing remotely like a piece of paper in sight. So I spend the rest of the day stewing about this and feeling icky. I have some vague fantasy of it winning and someone handing it in and me claiming it by my fingerprints - I'm not a registered player (obviously).

6 hours later, and I have been on here looking for some funny pix to post, couldn't find my favourite one (dagnabit!) and am late for work. So I run out and head off, keeping an eye out for anything remotely like my ticket. Its a windy day, and if it was just lying around, its long since blown.

I get to the one set of lights on the way to work (not that I have to cross, I am at the start of the long fence surrounding the place I work and still several minutes walk away from where I should be) and I look across the road.

There is something that MIGHT be a piece of paper on the ground.

I remember running for these lights this morning coming home from the shops - if it was gonna fall out at any moment, it woulda been that...

But I am late...

Should I, shouldn't i?

Of course I DID ;-), but when I got there, I found this corrugated piece of something, almost like a small piece of bubble wrap. I just stared at it.

No way that is a bit of paper... is it?

You ever do something in public, and u r just CONVINCED everyone in the world is staring at u? (Like they give a shit). Well, I was thinking, "I can't just pick up random crap off the ground, there are all these cars sitting at the lights, people will stare..." Stupid thought! We really cares?

But with the same "nothing to lose" attitude that saw me head over here despite being late for work (nothing to lose but my job! ;-) I walked over and peeled whatever it was off the ground.

It was my ticket (face down obviously). It looked like bubble wrap because someone had stepped on it or possibly ridden a bike over it - that was what had made it stick there instead of blowing off in the wind.

But it was still very much legible...

Laughing out loud, I put it in my pocket (a different one of course ;-)). And then - how is this for behaviour??? - despite being late for work, I actually go into the 7-11 on this side of the road and buy a chocolate bar. Why? Because I didn';t want to look like the sort of person who just crossed a road specifically to pick up a piece of weird crap off the ground. Ridiculous. Bloody humans!

I was 5 minutes late to work all up, and although the kiddies were all sitting there waiting to go, no-one minded :-) I had a damn fine night though knowing I had what could only be the winning ticket in my pocket.

Mind you, it didn't win a damn thing. But at least I won't die wondering.


Whaddya mean that ending sux?? Well F*&% YOU ITS MY STORY!! Meh, here's the funny pix I promised. Some nerdy ones just for u Co8 folks ;-) LotR, Magic: The Gathering, Everquest and even an Atari reference of the greatest RPG of them all! Still never found my favourite one :-( These are mostly from Somethingawful.com that I have collected over the years, so go say thanks!


At 1:37 am, Anonymous yvy said...

o shoots!! n i thot i would have the chance to travel the world 70 x 7 times. o well, maybe the next ticket then. :D


At 8:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u kno i can tell u 1 thing abt lottoriez homie. cloes 2 wher i live is teh offise of 1 lottary, u kno ppl would cum 2 taek big prizez (small prizez u can taek wher u bought da tickit).
so i spent lotsa time standin around ther n waitin 4 soem old ladiez 2 cum wit tickit 2 taek ther prize, so i could knox teh old lady out n taek teh tickit n prize 4 myself! if it wer big guyz could beet me up so taht would b bad, but small old ladiez r ez 2 knox out. gud plan no?
but no old ladiez evar cum 2 taht plaec! lottoriez r fake! no1 evar winz big prizez!!!1

n wtf is wit dis blog i dun see wher 2 put my ananomous naem undar my massage@!

At 2:13 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

k worx i can put my naem agian evrythingz in ordar.
so jst 2 b shur - teh aboev massage is my so dun confuse it wit soem ananomous spammar! lol!1 k bye

At 6:24 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

U know, it says something about your style that I actually recognised it... ;-)

At 2:54 am, Anonymous yvy said...

u got that right....only ONE person writes like u do, just a bum.... lol =P

At 10:36 am, Anonymous cutey booty said...

hi sayang! :)

kuching is quite nice. been checking out some stuff, will write u an email today (hopefully).

saya cinta kamu. xoxoxo

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At 2:23 pm, Anonymous Evercrack addict said...

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