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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

RL Update

A little update to my real life - I got my doctorate today! Woohooo!!! Came in the mail this morning - no it was not a mail-order degree ;-) the ceremony was while I was overseas, and since I been thru several of those things already, I had no need to do it again. Joy slightly ruined when I looked at the other theses of Doctoral Degrees that were awarded - 22 of the buggers, and while many were for degrees as irrelevant as mine (can't complain about that) its the 3 for "Gender Studies" that bugs me. All women of course - studies into the male gender should only be done by women telling us what is wrong with men, of course - but listen to the garbage that gets a doctorate:

"Penetrating Sex - from Performance to Pleasure".

WTF IS THAT!?! A study in lesbian dildos? An examination of how women can still take pleasure while being brutalised by the patriarchy? A how-to for hookers?

I don't know, I don't WANT to know. But this is the Arts Faculty of the premier institution of the Southern Hemisphere, and this is where there funding is going (and needless to say, under a conservative goverment, that funding is shrinking). More PhD's for the nonsense 'discipline' Gender Studies (which lacks the critical peer review - not to mention the COMMON SENSE - to be a serious field) than there was for Sociology, or Philosophy, or Government: and the two degrees for Hebrew etc studies (one being mine of course) seem to be the only showing at all for the languages. What a disgrace.

Well, they ain't ruining my day: I'm off to buy a frame to fill the gap on my wall where my PhD goes. No partying though, had several of those already (I've finished party, I've submited party, I've been approved party, I've resubmitted party, I've passed party etc). Just a feeling of - satisfaction? achievement?



While I am gone, HERE is a link to a story about my missing hat which was a big deal at the time. I lost my hat while on holiday, and GOD ALMIGHTY intervened to get it back for me. Well, it seemed that way. Seriously, you had to be there, but it was fabulous when I got it back. The hat was a Coke hat released as a souvenir for the 2003 Rugby World Cup (ie a one-off run of the buggers, very hard to replace) given to me by my bro. Yvy already blogged about it, so go read!


At 11:59 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

ahahaha gud stuff homie! looks liek thers gunna be lotsa qualitay femail docters ther downunder ahaha penetratian performans n stuff omg lol!!1 i bet dey took sciantifik approach veri seriasly, u kno empirikal reeserch is a must!

so wut was ur doctorate abt? "ancent mytholagy in modern rpg modding" uh?

At 10:51 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Something like that ;-)

A critical edition and translation of a 12th century Syriac biblical commentary.

Coming soon to a bestseller list near you.

At 11:28 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

btw homie i haev 2 say 1 thing. abt ur storey abt ur missin hat! i clickord on da "HEAR" n went 2 taht paeg n wrote a veri serias n usefull comment (as always) on da storey, but soem stuped moderetar didnt let my gud comment appera on da paeg! taht centrepedi.net plaec is gay!!1 stuped americanos >:(

At 1:40 pm, Anonymous Yvy said...

just a bum : I'm TOTALLY horrified that comment you just made. It's not that ur comment was not allowed, they practice moderation of comments to avoid spamming. FYI, I received your comment in my mail so I know that u had commented. I thank u for it but how i wished you had written with proper spelling because i KNOW u can. You just CHOOSE to spell this way. But that's not the main point here.

Pls also be informed that he is NOT American. 'Have Faith' is NOT an American site, it's 100% Malaysian and it is NOT gay. We use this site to glory the Lord, pls do not blaspheme it.

I personally feel that it was not fair and very unjust of you to label someone or a site negatively in public if you know nuts about it.

At 12:59 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

truff hurtz eh?
i said gay cuz smart words r so hard 2 spell :P so meening not faggit gay, jst veri bad gay, so no offens pls, its jst da truff!!1
n how can it b a gud siet if it dozent allow frredom of commentz?!
if dey warship lord gawd 4 real dey shoulda know bettar. gawd gave us freedom n its not 4 soem sham prophit-wannabeez 2 take dat way from me.
n i dun spamm but mah commentz was not allowd so its no xcuse.
didant kno its malay. dat centrepedi.net is in orlando usa so its american enuff 4 me. n all dat bigbro cenzorshit is so american-liek too, so its ez 2 confuz.

At 4:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's why we have the First Amendment, so we can censor . . .

Get a clue, Bum. Yvy's got it right.

At 7:36 pm, Anonymous Yvy said...

What truth are you talking about, just a bum? What hurts is the fact that you've gone ranting on about something you don't of, negatively in public, it's like you're purposely getting back at the moderators or something (my assumption here).

No one on the site is trying to be a prophet, we ARE prophets or least it IS our calling. No one is taking any freedom away from you unless you misuse it.

Personally, just a bum - no offence though...if I didn't know that you write this way (I realize this when I check out Ted's entries) because you like to, I'd have thought you to be a troll too. So, you cannot expect everyone to know if you are or not, unless you state so. And that isnt an excuse either. It's the truth.

Also, if you didn't know nor were you sure about the origin of the site, why did you comment the way you did? Just because one is LOCATED in the US (in Canada to be exact), doesn't make one anymore American than you being in Malaysia and then being called a Malaysian.

Whatever it is, it's over and done with. No use going on and on about this. Sorry to misuse your blog, baby....:(

Get well soon.


At 2:48 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

jst b cuz its a siet bout gawd dozent meen its flawless liek gawd. sum1 may not liek sum tings bout it n has a rite 2 say dat. n dat sum1 mite aswell b me.
n as 4 ur xample if u in malay n act liek typikal malay its ez 2 confuz u 4 malay innit? so hearz why i tot it was americano.

ne waes ur rite bout 1 ting - no use 2 go on. u haev rite 2 hav ur opinian i hav rite 2 hav mine.

piece n luv no war!

At 2:25 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

yup...:) peace!


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