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Monday, February 20, 2006

Movie Tutorial

Winnings: $1434

Bought a suit today for the wedding, won a mess of money last night after I stuffed up the system, bet way too much and it came up (second time that has happened, when I am close to losing it all I panic... must be careful of that). Sleepy after nightshifts. Finished the NPC .dlg yet again and just have to finish renaming mp3s (yet again) - its now the 3rd biggest .dlg file in the game. O and vis-a-vis Screeg the Anonymous's comment on miniatures - made some simple ones on nightshift the other night, stuck em in to bake at the exact temp and time specified on the SuperSculpey box, and burnt them to a crisp [sigh]. Made another one, put it in for half the time, and still incinerated it [sigh again].

Now, a 30-second tutorial. As you all should know, Brother Gaear has made some new .bik movies for the game and will be called upon in future to do this again for KotB. He asked me to investigate how to get them to function, so here we go.

In ToEE/Movies there is a file called movies.mes. To mod it, copy the FOLDER over to your module folder - modules/Co8 4.0.0 in this case. Pop the file open.

Add a new line:


where 'newmovie.bik' is, of course, the name of your new movie in the data/movies folder (with ToEEFE, keeping in mind the Toffee fiddles with these things to make them wok. Non-Toffee installs may not have this folder, I don't remember). Substitute the name of your new movie if you prefer.

Now the game can identify your new movie by this number (1030). So, to fire the movie in game, you then make a call to movie 1030. So, in the maplist.mes file in the MODULE'S rules folder (modules/Co8 4.0.0/rules in this case) you would add the call

Movie: 1030

to the map you want to fire the movie. In this case, it is something for the Moathouse, so we would mod the maplist.mes file to say:

{5002}{Map-7-Ruins-of-the-moathouse, 481, 552, Movie: 1030, Flag: DAYNIGHT_XFER, Flag: OUTDOOR}

Or you can get it to fire from in a dialogue line with this executable:

game.fade_and_teleport(0, 0, 1030, 5002, 481, 592 )

I tested this by copying an existing .bik, renaming the copy appropriately and firing it as described. Worked very nicely once I had got the hang of where to put everything.

Here ends the 30-second tutorial :-)


At 6:19 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

hey so u coulds do liek dis - stuck da moovy in da map wher poor loosarz meet da awsum PK barb, so when dey entar dat map dey see a moovy bout dem getting pwnt so dem scared littel wussys can b liek, ohnoes we r gunna die!!!? n dey dun go 2 dat map n try 2 run away but PK barb is on evry map n pwnz dem newae!!!

At 8:02 am, Anonymous Allyx said...

What about attaching movies to treasure - like the Orb of Gloden death? Surely there's a reference in the script file to trigger the movie?

At 9:05 am, Anonymous gaear said...

Thanks, Brother Ted. ;)

At 2:27 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Good questions all... yeah, triggering a movie through a script should be doable - I hope so, because the first in-game movie for KotB should occur when you open an... errrr, something... but investigations in that direction will have to wait.

Alternately, since u discovered all this first, Allyx, when u reconfigured movies for the caravan map, you could tell us ;-)

At 12:53 am, Anonymous Allyx said...

Ok for the orb of Golden death (and other items I suppose) it has the following script to play the movie...

def san_insert_item( attachee, triggerer ):
if ((triggerer.type == obj_t_pc):

There are other bits to the script that deal with other things but this is the bit that deals with the movie that plays whe the skull is pur in your inventory.

At 1:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Ted, Regarding uhhh... that something: is that bink in the works and can I get a preview?

Also, can I get a hallelujah?


At 2:19 am, Anonymous gaear said...

Is there a movie that plays when you get the orb? Don't think I ever saw it...or is that the throne elevator one?


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