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Friday, February 17, 2006

Fixed Date for KotB Release

Winnings: $1121

Well this update is mainly to update the winnings thing, the money is starting to roll in so fast its hard to keep track of. Been VERY lucky the last couple days: the system doesn't rely on luck but u throw a bit of it in and suddenly the whole thing gets exponential.

One of my many loyal readers made this comment:

Ted: I tried a roulette system when I was living in Melbourne --at the downtown casino with the flaming gas jet towers outside-- but it only worked until the third visit when the whole thing went kablooey.

PS: You are the greatest modder in the universe.

The compliments went on like that for several pages: in the end I deleted them all out of modesty, but you can read the comment below.

I too have tried systems like that. My current 'gambling bug' came from Yvy's uncle showing me a system when I was last in Malaysia, there was no statistical reason for it to work (there never is with roulette) but I tried it on the computer and it won several times so I took it to the casino and won a couple times. Then it lost a couple times, so I stopped using it. Prior to that I had a system which looked glorious on paper but when I ran it on the computer, it died like a punk hairdresser. That one never made it past the simulation stage: I'm not one for throwing good money after bad.

If this one goes belly up a few times and I lose my money, then I will stop. For the moment I am riding it for all it is worth. I got a LOT of expenses coming up - just APPLYING for the visa to bring Yvy out as my spouse will cost over $1300AU (thats about a grand USD) - so suddenly having an additional source of income is, if I may say, a godsend.

Now, the place in Melbourne: 'Crown Casino', as it is knwon, is a place I have had my fair share of luck. On my first trip to the Windy, Rainy and Cold City to photocopy some ancient manuscripts (on microfilm) for my PhD many years ago, I ended up there while driving my rentacar around looking for somewhere to eat: the roads literally conspired to put me into the Casino carpark. And they complain about the cross-city tunnel up here! After dinner I had a blat on the tables and won enough to pay for my rentacar, woohooo! I've won there on a couple other occasions: the most memorable was probably when I was in Melbourne killing time before heading out to my interview with the Fransiscan psychologist who was going to assess whether I was psychologically 'fit' for monastic life (note: this does not mean 'sane', merely 'compatible' ;-)) What else do you do while waiting for an important ecclesiastical interview, if not gamble? While actually stationed at the Priory in Melbourne, though, I had neither the chance nor the money (nor even the incentive, really) to go there.

On to more important things. I am heading out to Malaysia on the 1st March for about 10 days, to do the pre-wedding Church preparation thing. Sooooooo, we have a terminus ad quem (or whatever its called) for the release of the current pack. It will go out at some point before I leave, whatever it takes! Working overnight again tonight and tomorrow night, so should get a lot of modding done. Also, got some modelling clay and tools, wanna get back into an ancient love, making miniatures.

For now, back to the NPC cleric.


At 5:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAT?! You want to get back into miniatures?? I don't know if I'm ready to sign off on all these extracurricular activities, Ted.

Gambling, okay, trips to Malaysia, sure. But now there's a fulltime job and you're getting MARRIED too? Priorities, that's all I'm saying.

It used to be about the music, man... er, I mean the MOD, the MOD.


At 11:31 am, Anonymous yvy said...

heeeeeyyy..... *looks at screeg with dagger stares* :P


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