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Friday, February 10, 2006


Winnings: $728

Damn well got mugged at the club last night, closest I have ever came to losing and it happened twice. PLUS this particular club is a great place to drink / hang out etc, but as it turns out, a rotten place to gamble. Other places give you free drinks - tea / coffee / juice / soft drinks - indeed the place I was at yesterday between shifts even gives u complimentary bikkies with your tea, coffee or hot chocoalte, and all a bottomless cup of course. This one I was at last night after work gives u WATER, thats it. There's no drinks service button on the roulette games (u gotta ask the nearby pokies players to buzz for you) and instead of the modern civilised 'print a receipt when u win' way of paying, u gotta call some staffmember over to get your payout. Primitive. I'll go there again, but not to gamble. I DID end up winning though, hard bastard of a night though it was, and indeed coup-de-graced the machine at the end when I put a dollar on zero and spun to just see where the numbers were heading to decide where to bet next, and it CAME UP. 35-1 payout, Ted wins, game over.

On a more depressing side, got the reject letter from the Archdiocese. They Express Posted it - whats that about? O well... the job was 'Evangelisation Officer' at my old alma mater Sydney University, converting heathens and arguing with muslims etc. ABSOLUTELY my dream job, I'd do it for free if I had official support. The interview was a shocker, I had a cold and my lack of interviewing experience showed. I don't blame them for not giving me the job, just hope they found someone who will really do it well: someone with a gift for evangelisation, not just management or some shit.

Of course, now I don't have to worry about young Catholics being scandalised that their chaplain is a professional gambler ;-)

Another busy day ahead today, but wanna test the new KotB map and do the new voices for the NPC. First, many domestic duties call.


At 12:20 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

:( i'm sorry it didnt work out baby. :( we'll try again next time. *muaks*

At 2:55 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

lol yvy ur spamming same msg agian!? :))
uh n yea homie kinda sorrie 4 u but u know seriasly man chuurch is teh sux! (it spamz0rz too!!!) i tink dis gunna turn out bettar 4 u homie! i mean u gots 2 do wut u gots 2 do. reprazent!

At 3:08 pm, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Thanks for the sympathy folks. :-)

At 1:12 am, Anonymous yvy said...

-_- i am NOT spamming....humph! *pouts in the corner and mumbles to self*

At 3:51 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

itz all gud. cuz if da chuurch spamz0rz Ted, so all we littel lost sheep can spamz0r too!


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