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Saturday, November 26, 2005

KotB Dialogue Template

Hmmm... it seems this place deletes blogs if you don't update them regularly... I think... someone I know had one and it seems to have disappeared while I was in Malaysia. So I better post something.

On that creative note ;-) here is a basic outline of a dialogue file I am using for KotB. It is NOT compulsory, just there to help: you always know that the {K:} option will go to line 200, for instance.

{1} First meeting
{100} Subsequent meetings (welcome back greeting)
{200} Standard dialogue

{400} Quest-related stuff.

{600} NPC hates you greeting and options
{700} NPC loves you greeting and options
{800} NPC follower dialogue (while in party)
{900} Banter (a la HERE)

Among other things, this allows for a constant .py file. Atm, many of the .py files look like this:

def san_dialog( attachee, triggerer ):
________if (attachee.has_met( triggerer )):
________________triggerer.begin_dialog( attachee, 100 )
________________triggerer.begin_dialog( attachee, 1 )
________return SKIP_DEFAULT

Keeping in mind I haven't done much of the 'NPC hates you / loves you' stuff: they love you if you do quests for them (only one actually written into the dlg files so far, though many many many on the books!) and hate you if you go out of your way to annoy them.

Coming soon (because we need to get to the bottom of it right about now) - using reputations and reaction adjustments. Also, a contents thing for KotB-related blogs, similar to what I just did with the tutorials.

Edit: May as well do a quick update while I am here. The Provisioner worked a charm from the very beginning, though he has an unsightly gap in his inventory (the shillelagh wouldn't appear - possibly because it is the spell - and now that slot is 'taken' and won't put anything else there either it seems). Nice not to have it not work and have to fiddle it 50 times just to get through the first few lines (its a dlg of some size).

BUT the idea of putting his spear in a non-equipped slot so he is not standing around with a weapon drawn, didn't work. Pity. May have to create_obj_in_inventory at san_enter_combat, I don't want bartenders / shopkeepers / clerics etc standing there with weapons drawn. Its ridiculous.


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well baby....it could happen u know? anyway, have u set up this blogger account to send u copies of each post to your email account? you can do that under the settings....


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