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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Two steps forward...

Stupid nightshift.

I did a nightshift the other night in an emergency, kiddies r all asleep so I sit down at the old Celeron mouldering in the corner, power up Notepad and do about 8 hours of modding. Got a lot done, a whole dlg (well most of it) and some plots nutted out.

BUT then I have to go home at 7am, sleep all day and try to get back into a normal sleep pattern. I nap for several hours (daytime sleep is never real sleep) then get up and drive pa tot he doctor and do a few other chores, but I am totally washed out. Wander off to church last night and can hardly keep my eyes open. Come home, have a few hours of modding ahead before bed (also watched the Dylan thing "Don't Look Back" - aka the Donovan movie - damn I love it! "Ok who threw the glass? Look I don't care who threw the glass, I just wanna know who threw the glass". Etc) and I am just too rooted to think straight. I did get the Provisioner map to work (just bumped it up the map list) and then sectored it, but otherwise, got very little done, went to bed, and couldn't sleep propely! Rough night, but got 8 hours in the end.

O well, back to work in a couple hours, my partner is missing with a bad back so I gotta work with some casual who doesn't know what is going on . Meh, I'm just whinging now ;-)

In the mean time, will try putting my Provisioner .mob I tutorialed on the other day, my Provisioner dlg I wrote in Malaysia, and the newly sectored tutorial shop, all together :-) Gotta do the notice board too.


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