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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sleepless in Sydney

Winnings: $733

Another night with barely 3 hours sleep. Stupid shiftwork.

Rather than lay around grumbling, I got up and worked on the moathouse respawn. Having done the hard yards (hacking up some long 'game.obj_create' lists, putting stuff in the protos.tab, working out spawning locations) I actually hacked the damn scripts into the game and tested. Took me about an hour to get the simplest thing to work (I left out a comma... [sigh]) but when I did, it all worked nicely. I have now got a respawn for the outer moathouse, and since this is nothing special, I don't mind giving out a spoiler - the bodies of the bandits have been animated by the moathouse's new owner, and there are some angry animals outside that have wandered in from the swamp. Just something simple: main thing was to only get it to fire if the bandits acyually were dead (the party may have initially gone around by the back door), otherwise apart from the RP fiasco aspect, the undead would have had at the bandits upon spawning. Funny, but hardly appropriate.

Liv's Skeletal Priest makes a reappearance (the concept, not the specific monster!) and if people don't like that, I don't care. His ability to Desecrate the battle field is the difference between a moderate level party having a fun encounter, and them simply pulling out a holy symbol at the first wiff of undead and incinerating them before they even clambered out of the ground.

That being said, this will be a bare-bones hack, folks are more than free to improve upon it once it is released (I want to get back to KotB and am not interesting in making a complicated cunning stunt, anyone else who wants to, hey go for it). So anyone who feeels the need to turn him into a Ranger-ghost, well, if u put the hard yards in, meh I say.


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