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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Travelling Ted

Been overseas? Remember the fears? Would I forget / lose my passport / tickets / money / anything? Be stranded in a foreign land? Be mugged / raped / murdered / deported / jailed?

I remember them, but no more: I am just so blase about international travel nowdays. And why not? Its my 4th time out of the country and I have been to a whole TWO other nations ;-)

Yvy and I did the pre-wedding 'get Catholic' thnig on the weekend, that was VERY full-on, hardly a moment to scratch yourself, but well worth doing. Then it was off to the Oz High Commission in KL to get Yvy a visa for after the wedding (which will be up here). Took about 3 hours and cost the AU$1305 I whined about a few posts back (plus another AU$100 or so for a form I swear we don't even need) but the application was very well received: they said we had all the evidence we needed (which was why I was so damn busy right before leaving, getting official forms, stat decs, photos etc - even modding had to take a back seat for a while!) Should hear in a few months. Then had to take Yvy out to the KL boondocks to get her a Letter of Good Conduct (why they stick the government buildings out there is beyond me). There was no train etc to the place, but luckily one of the other Catholics at the weekend course worked at the US embassy down the road from the Oz one, and when we explained what had to be done, he said "gimme a ring" which we did and he got a courier heading out there to give us a lift there and back. Damn nice of him! And a touch of divine intervention of course, since we would have been r00ted otherwise.

Back in Yvy's home town up near Penang now, got the official wedding photos tomorrow, and gotta get another form stamped by the priest doing the ceremony. O and had to register with the Malaysian government for the marriage too, forgot about that - also a lot of running around but all went smoothly in the end. Might actually squeeze a couple of hours holiday time in tomorrow night before I head off Friday morning.

Now, modding... sorry to hear that damn update didn't work as a pack, but use the files in there by all means! I will be back on Friday night, straight back to work Sat, first Eels game of the season Sat night, so will do a blog on Sunday explaining where things stand.

O and if some of my typing here and on the forum looks a little dyslexic (more than normal) its Yvy's keyboard, I swear ;-) Just can't keep up with me!

Selamat Tinggal!


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