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Monday, May 22, 2006

KotB Update

Well I'm back into it, sectored another map though I will have to go out for a jaunt with the digital camera to find something to use as an entrance for this particular place. Here's a sneak peak (map by Ted - no guessing where I got the the graphics from - shaft of light effect by Screeg):

I could happily add several more maps and I am tempted to, since people are gonna wanna check things out with the new World Map buttons. However, I think I will refrain to avoid spoilerage and to concentrate on getting the latest update out. The main thing is to get it out and explain the next step, which is gettting more people involved.

Of course I have said that before, but then having folks like Cuchulainn doing the uniforms etc came out of the blue but was a very pleasant surprise. Now that Co8 5.0.0 is out there should be a few previously overworked dudes who can lend a hand with this and that, and I plan to lean on everyone silly enough to say, "yeah I'll help" ;-)

As I've said before, the next release will have most of the characters mobbed in, with perfunctory dialogues (Is that the word? I mean, a line or two). Then people can get right into editting them without having to know how to script beyond the rudimentaries, without having to worry about adding files without clashing with other poeple's, and without having to worry about ToEEWB at all if it scares them (though it is a great and easy to use tool let me tell you!)

O well, back to it :)


At 4:03 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

pix looks niece its liek diabol hell outside da pandamonum fortress wher all da poor sinorz r just in ur case therz no sinorz.
but i tink u stoelled it frum soem obsqr gaem called baldy gaets or sumtin liek dat! neway its all gud.

At 1:31 am, Anonymous Allyx said...

@ just a bum; just so you know, Ted is writing tutorials for The Temple of Elemental Evil, that map is the earth node map from The Temple of Elemental Evil, and not from Baldur's Gate at all.

@ Ted; it's good to see your big project is nearly ready for mass modding by the willing volunteers at the Co8 (and anyone else you can con into doing your dirty work) (j/k), can't wait to see what the new starter pack expansion has to offer.

At 2:46 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

k got dat ally x. so mabbe da peeps who maed tooe stoelled frum da peeps who maed bald y gaets! n i tink peeps who maed baldy gaets stoelled it frum da bestest gaem makerz eva - da blizzordz. cuz it abit remands me of hell in da diabol2. so itz relley gud. just put soem demuns n sinorz in it cuz now itz empty!


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