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Sunday, August 06, 2006

[Deep breath] Here we go!!

Well, its time. I'm off to marry my soulmate. I fly out Tuesday (and let me just say very quickly, I am flying Malaysian Airlines and have been SERIOUSLY jerked around: NEVER FLY MALAYSIAN!!!) I'll be gone til the 23rd (wedding itself is Sat 12th).

How do I feel? Denial is a good word: thats a part of it ;-) It all feels very surreal. Yvy has had to struggle along by herself organising it all, and I am here on the other side of the world trying to get this end together. Being entrenchedly single and by myself all the time, its weird to think I am off to the other side of the world to enter a lifelong partnership. But I am also excited (of course!) - Yvy and I have been waiting years for this moment, and every time we have seen each other it has been harder to part afterwards. FINALLY we won't have to do that again :-D

Now, on the modding front: waiting for a new release of KotB? Well, needless to say that will happen before I head out on Tuesday: so it looks like a long night tomorrow night ;-) I have not got much done lately, I can't deny: I have had a shocker of a coldy-fluey thing (same one I had when Yvy was here) with green crap coming out in all directions, and the sorest throat I think I have ever experienced: nothing a dose of antibiotics wouldn't cure, but I am going on a course of them soon to combat malaria while up in Malaysia and haven't wanted to mix my medicines (also, been working lots lately to pay for everything so not rested enough). I tells ya, I am looking forward to laying on a beach with Yvy by my side for a few days: I need a holiday!!!

Where was I? O yeah, modding: so it will before I leave on Tuesday. Then no modding for 15 days: sorry!

I have something else to keep me occupied on the plane: writing a screenplay. Spike knows what I mean.


At 6:48 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

woohhooo!! mah baby comes tomorrow!!! :D cant believe it's finally happening dear....cant wait! cant wait! *muaks*


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