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Monday, June 12, 2006

Woe is Ted part 2

Ok I have an operating XP thing but it is not mine, it is a new install I did on a seperate partition to try to repair my current one (since my 98 OS is of course useless, not being able to even see NTFS. Hwowever the corrupt files are essential ones (obviously) so I can't copy them over since my new XP install says stuff like "sorry, we're using those files you are trying to copy". Well DERRRR!

I can't even log into Co8 since I can't get at my passwords, though I did cruise by to look at the KotB forum. Can someone put up a post in the Status Report thread saying, "hey, Ted is absent from the net with computer issues but is working on KotB on a different OS and a release is imminent"? Would really help.

Go Australia at the World Cup! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OI OI OI!


At 1:48 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

um yea, wut a sad n booorin gaem. ur guyz suckd donkey dong almost all gaem long but den japs handed u da win heh. 3-1.
Hrvatska is gunna eat both for lunch, not evn mentoning wut Brasil is gunna do.

At 6:05 am, Blogger Simple American said...

YvY sent me this way. Thought I should say hello.

Loved ToEE. Looks like you got a serious mod on.

I do game stuff too, but lately been limiting myself to d20 Modern Horror.

At 6:22 am, Anonymous Allyx said...

I can post in the status report thread for you Ted, I saw the Australia game, lousey first half, but I wish I knew what the manager said to your boy's at half time, he must be quite a motivational speaker.

I would wish Australia luck for the rest of the tournament, but let's face it, they don't have a chance in hell of going home with the cup :P

At 8:44 am, Anonymous Cuchulainn said...

Hey Ted,

It sounds like you have an XP disk. If so, you can boot of the cdrom and choose "attempt repair with recovery console" or some such. This will give a DOS like interface that will allow you to copy the files you need (as thier not being used). for example

cd system32 (cd = change directory, will move you to the specified directory)

copy file.sys to D:\windows\system32\ (or whatever drive letter your old XP partition comes up as)

dir (gives you a list of files in the current directory, can include wildcars. for example dir nt*.exe will list all files starting with nt and ending in the .exe suffix.

Good luck,

At 6:28 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

Khor : U're here. :) Glad u found something in common with Ted. The male-bonding may begin. ;P

At 10:12 pm, Anonymous Agetiannemar said...

Hey Ted,

It's awesome that you're back! I was about to make that post you requested but I see that someone already did it ;)))

And yeah - I wish for Australia to win the World Cup - that game with Japan was actually awesome (I liked the 3:1 ending - the couch really did a good job releasing those extra players who played really well ;)

At 12:19 am, Blogger Simple American said...

Yep mui! ;)

Looks a little preoccupied with the system troubles. So I'm staying out of the way. No help on this sort of thing.


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