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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Woe is Ted

How pitiful Co8 must be without my spam!

My PC is down - that is to say, my copy of XP has become corrupt and I have no way of getting online. I also have no disk to fix it with, and no time for workarounds before this weekend.

Upside? With no internet to distract me, no CounterStrike to play etc, I am free to work on KotB :-) As many of you know, I do my modding in Win98, and that is coming along nicely. In fact, we have (yet another) release date for the next release - next Wed, one week from today (got a 5-day weekend coming up). I've got a couple of quests all the way through to completion and a much clearer idea of what I want in the next release. So all in all, its all good.

Don't expect me to answer mail for a few days either ;-) For the record, I am typing this on a PC at work with no mouse, navigating web pages with the keyboard. Blech!


At 10:13 pm, Anonymous Agetiannemar said...

Hey Ted,

I'm glad to hear from you - I was wondering where you disappeared. Please answer my e-mails whenever you have a chance to restore your copy of WinXP. Bad news it got corrupted... :(

Great news about KotB - looking forward to the next release!

- Agetian

At 2:10 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

uh dats ugly homie. windoz sistim wit no mouse is da suxx!!! my mous iz gettin old 2 so sumtiemz it dozent work n its da frustrasion! n dis 1 tiem i broke da space buttan playin gaemz, so iwuzliekdiscuzdafuckinbuttandozentwork but in sum forum 1 stuped stuckup modorater bann me cuz he assume i wuz just foolin around i told im dat my buttan iz broke n he wuz liek, yea rite liek im gunna believe u, n i wuz liek, itz da truff man i tellein u, but he still bann me.
newayz gud luck fixin da pc.


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