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Friday, June 23, 2006


I do believe I have worked out how to get inventory respawns to change. Its from obj_f_container_inventory_source, and I successfully changed that of the Blacksmith (photo below: I simply changed it to the moneychanger's list. Of course I should be able to change it to something else, hopefully). I COULDN'T change the damn leatherworker, sod him: has anyone ever seen his inventory respawn? [sigh] Anyways, proper 'masterwork items' inventory to follow :-) And YES I am keeping the gaint's head quest, though my dream of having the different merchatnts selling different masterwork items by quest (as originally suggested by Allyx, so for instance the Leatherworker would sell the leather masterwork gear, but not til u healed Bing etc) is in jeopardy if respawning is not for everyone. Also, the new masterwork inventory may not respawn, but we will see, o yes precious, we will see. I have an idea for a workaround if that happens.

Edit: Well I got sent home from work, dang boss double-booked the shift again [sigh]. So I got to do some more work on this. I now have a complete respawning inventory of masterwork items for the Blacksmith that kicks in when you complete the giant's head quest, and have thought of a particularly sweet work-around for the Leatherworker thing. Should be finished tomorrow hopefully. I also have to add some new items to Ah Fong's inventory, and might try to figure out why that isn't respawning too. Here's the respawned Blacksmith's inventory packed with masterwork gear: those throwing daggers are expensive!


At 12:15 am, Blogger Simple American said...

I need to find my disk and finish this adventure. TOEE really was a lot of fun. Enjoyed it more than Neverwinter Nights.

At 4:57 am, Anonymous Agetiannemar said...

Awesome news, Ted! Well done!

At 3:55 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

better get ur modding & release done soon. you gonna be SOOOOOOOOoooooooooo busy in less than 2 weeks. ;)

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