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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Market

:warning: the following is written after a considerable amount of red wine:

I just watched a market wrap-up on the late news. The Australian market (Asx-200) just hit its highest point for 2009 - I was up $1100 for the day (though still down where I was a week ago).

The poor girl doing the late news had this feed-in line for the financial report - "so, CommSec expert, how has the Swine Flu affected Australian markets today?"

What a freaking meaningless comment. Seriously, the market is NOT one single amorphous, brilliant, prophetic beastie. It is a collection of greedy, cowardly scumbags. The current financial crisis -that has driven the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD into recession - is a classic example. Was it creatde by financial geniuses? No, it was created by greedy idiots, and the markets - the same breed of greedy, cowardly idiots - panicked and followed them.

WHen the market finishes up, we hear, "market sentiments were bouyed by such and such!!!" When the market finishes down, we hear, "the market was spooked by such-and-such!" Or, if there are no apparent reasons for the market to finish down, we hear, "the market was down due to profit-taking today".

Crap. Garbage. Lies. Some sectors go up for various reasons, some go down for various reasons. Occasionally, due to a declaration of war or the announcement of huge stimulus package, the market will ALL move in one direction. But mostly its the schizophrenic behaviour of a huge number of cowardly or greedy people. Greedy, cowardly, STUPID people who caused the financial crisis, then made sure it filtered, through the market, into every sector to cast the whole damn world into recession.

But still we are told they know what they are doing. No they don't. Who could still believe this lie?


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