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Friday, July 25, 2008

A Long Awaited Party

Heh... this blog is sure getting a workout lately! Anyways, here's a moment that's been a long time coming...

I got ToEE going on my lappie! Thats a big deal for me - keep in mind, I never got it going on XP (not that my XP install isn't dodgy as heck - legally mine and registered, just dodgy). I had a few issues getting it going on Vista but will document those in the appropriate place on the forums.

Anyways, now I can test and run things from work, not just blindly mod, put it on a USB Stick, and go to the trouble of changing it over when I get home (not to mention finding time to mod at home, where I have various other responsibilities. Also not to mention getting mixed up and copying old files over each other and losing a nights modding, which I did again last week). This will seriously improve production of KotB by about 10-fold. Also, the game looks so much beter on the laptop than on the old 14" monitor I have on the modding PC.

I also got the 2 PCs networked with a cross-over cable: thats about the only thing I liked about XP, it made networking infinitely easier than Win98. I wouldn't have even tried to network them if one had 98 - not that I haven't achieved it, but not in many years and I don't want to go there again.


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