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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kecik! 73

Heh... Kecik has started to develop her daddy's taste in black humour...

This is being posted from Malaysia, hence the different fonts - I use Gorilla Milkshake back home (as used in Erfworld. But speaking of comix, what about Goblins? How damn good has that been lately? The previous issue had one of the best Paladin scenes I've seen:

Thac0: What are you doing???
Big Ears: My job.


But I digress. I have a couple more in the bag, so Kecik! isn't done yet :-)

Also, this was made with ArcSoft's Photostudio, whatever that is. Very similar to Photoshop but nowhere near as good. It also limits severely what I can do in terms of last-moment tweaks, so sorry this is so blurry and hard to read.



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