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Sunday, July 06, 2008


Today we have


Cheeky crawled for the first time today! Woohoooo!!!

O yeah, we have other


I got Far Shot working! Not through a .dll hack, alas (wasted several hours trying to navigate the damn thing), via scripting, but it is (mostly) seamless, behind the scenes and slightly easier than I thought. I was a bit scared I would have to make identical versions of every ranged weapon with double the range, and do the ol' swaparoo (which I have often spoken about doing for things like Shield Bash, but haven't tried yet) but found that the obj flags on the weapons saves things like the range right on the weapons themselves (when spawned, based on what is in protos.tab) so I could just read it, change it and put it back as necessary. Shweet! The only downsides:

- adding a script call to every anged weapon in the game (meh - how many bows etc are there?)

- having to do two seperate scripts for fired weapons (1.5 range bonus) vs thrown weapons (double range bonus) so thats TWO whole scripts I have to write - I'll live

- once you take the feat, you have to reequip your ranged weapon once to get it going, if you have it equiped. After that, it takes care of itself.

Happy Ted! This is truly one of my most satisfying modding moments, even if I did have to resort to a script: I like adding new skills and feats and there was really no excuse for this one not being in there (since the pre-requisites work).

Lets see it in action:

Here is a shot of an attack at the Caravan screen with a Composite Bow (str 14) artificially set to range 10:

And here is a shot of a reload of exactly the same moment, location etc only now the guy has Far Shot:

Sweet! The game even gave me a critical to really show off ;-) Note he has gone up 1 BAB because I took a level to get Far Shot. Also note that the artifically low range of the weapon used for testing purposes means he gets a range penalty AND a Point Blank Shot bonus - thats funny!

Anyways I still have to do the 'thrown weapons' script and hack it into the protos.tab, but thats just details.


At 11:18 am, Anonymous yvy said...

pppsstt....video is up at kecik's blog. :)


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