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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, I got my new PC up and running ;-) It needs some work - sound card switched over from the old PC (which can run on AC97), a second HDD, a floppy drive, and my nice new 256mb graphics card (currently running onboard SIS graphics), maybe a fan here and there. Still won't be any sort of showstopper, but MUCH better than the old one - I have currently been playing Battlefield 1942 quite smoothly (albeit with everything turned down), and thats just with the onboard gear. Can't wait to put the new stuff in and run Call of Duty and Medal of Honour - damn I miss those games!

Anyways, it is monopolising the computer desk so I have to make other arrangements for the old PC, which will continue to be the modding PC. Yvy will get the new one to herself, practically, especially since it will also be the net-connected PC (once we get an internet deal going). Very little time for such things - I am currently in the middle of a 25 hour work stretch (3 hours off here and there). Very little time to do things like chase up the best cable net deal, and of course no PC to do it on (except this one here at work).

Other matters: cheeky said her first word! She said "yeah" several times. Damn she has been cute lately. If I wasn't so tired, I would write about what happened in Malaysia - she was like a minor celebrity, we would go out places and she would get mobbed, she is just so cute. I kid you not - it went from amazing to bizarre to quite scary, the way people would come running over to see her (and grab her, cuddle her, pass her round - talk about a different culture). Such a gorgeous child with beautiful alabaster skin, they had never seen anything like it (pale skin is big in Asia - they use skin-paling creams almost as much as white folks worry about tanning, and many hate getting darker in the sun - weird). It had to be seen to be believed.

Heh - tired or not, I wrote about it anyway :-) Briefly.

Got a couple more comics up my sleeve, but first gotta find where my dad put the Photoshop CD. And the Call of Duty CDs (I bought the Gold edition). And the Medal of Honour - Pacific Assault CDs my bro gave me some Christmases back (a poor cousin to Allied Assault, but I would like to at least try it on a machine that can half do it justice). And my non-Steam version of Day of Defeat...


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