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Friday, July 29, 2005


Well, I've cracked the long-sought scripting workaround, its this:

attachee.float_line(####, triggerer)

where #### is the line number in the dialogue, and since they are always the same - 12014 for a death rattle, 12023 for a critical hit, 12024 for a critical miss etc - they can be easily scripted in!

Well, once i get the hang of serious scripting... BUT certainly death rattles can be put in right away, since it can just go straight into the san_dying bit which every npc has, and I saw a script somewhere for 'if they are missing 95% of HP' so assuming I can find it again (I think it was in Gremag, triggers his running off - Hedrack should have something similar) I can stick in a 'I'm dying, heal me' thing too. Can trigger a 'fear' reaction too once I get the hang of it! "RUN AWAY!!" :-).

For anyone who can't wait 24 hours or so til this damn mod is finished (less if I hadn't got distracted by this ;-)) just pop your favourite NPC's scr file, find the bit that says

def san_dying( attachee, triggerer ):

and add this:


I am adding it after both sides of the 'if... else...' just to be sure.

Well, its not the elegant .dll hack I tried so hard at (and failed so dismally ;-)) but it'll do for now! O and Gaear, if you read this, should be able to add sounds to that trap too, just saw it. Very nice work by Liv!

Now, as for the mod: cracked the whole 'how to make an npc's friends attack you when you hit them' issue, which seems so straightforward when you play the game - smack a monster, all nearby monsters turn on you - yet doesn't just happen. In my mod (re the new npc's) not only do they not attack you, but before I added the dlg files, they called for guards! (They being the utterly evil baddies at the climax of the mod, whom you would assume would be looking for an excuse to start a fight). No idea what is hardcoded into the game, but found a script workaround. In fact, they are the SAME script! Its Gremag yelling out to Raimol (that boofy man-at-arms you can be silly enough to hire) to attack the party. The line number is wrong - good old ToEE - but it is there. I remember Orion mentioning he should do just that, so interesting he doesn't (if indeed he doesn't, which I assume he doesn't because Orion said he should. If that makes any sense). Certainly the script worked, because I added it, and sure enough, one in all in!

Damn I'm happy. O well, better finish this mod, will caper and cavort afterwards.


At 11:09 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

diz is sum awsum zuper kool stuff homie!

At 1:22 pm, Anonymous Gaear said...

Rock on, Ted!

(I can't believe Domonater followed you here . . . geez.)

At 3:15 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

Hu da hell iz DOMONATER ?!!!

At 2:11 am, Anonymous Domonater said...

hey wtf you doin ey?? i dont speak like im a god damn idiot ASSHOLE!!


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