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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Two more days!

7-10 days delivery my ass!

Anyways, the ADSL is finally functional (it was connected with the long distance stuff and that is going) and the modem is at the post office waiting for me to head down Monday morning and grab it. So on Monday I will be back online on my own PC - wooohoooo!!!


At 2:54 pm, Anonymous Agetiannemar said...

Woot! :)) Congrats, Ted, I'm glad you're finally able to use your own PC at full power.

We're all waiting for you back at the Circle of Eight!

- Agetian

At 1:53 pm, Anonymous gaear said...

It's a lie! Co8 was attacked by North Korea and has been obliterated.

At 10:22 am, Blogger Simple American said...

Has to be a comfort to have a modem and access again.

At 9:54 am, Blogger ShiningTed said...

You'd think so... but see next post.

At 7:20 am, Blogger Simple American said...

So did you tick off the Old One or Nerul?


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