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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pacman lives!

Crikey, almost a year! I haven't posted since 30/4/9.

You know, a funny thing happened 2 days before that: our second daughter, Kathleen-Rose (or 'Pacman' as history will know her) was born! And as Yvy pointed out, I haven't blogged about her or posted any pix or anything. (Though I did announce it on Co8, of course).

I shall remedy that now, albeit I will do it in a way that kinda blew up in my face and did not give me the result I was looking for (I was tempted to go back and redo it with different photos, but didn't).


At 5:26 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

bbbwaaahahahahahaha!!! me likey this post. :P


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