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Thursday, August 04, 2005

First patch

My mod is here!! You'll forgive me if I start every rant like that for a while ;-)

I would just like to announce to anyone who has not noticed, that there is a patch now for the mod, takes care of a few niggly things. Also, I had to upload a new .dll as I originally patched and included the wrong one in the mod (led to one bug problem and would have led to more). Sorry!

Atm, the second patch is awaiting me having the time and energy to do it. I am a mess atm, very sick and having a day off work (had to go in this morning despite being sick cause we had some very demanding kids and no extra staff to help - if I hadn't turned up, my partner would have been in real trouble). Its just a bad cold but its drained me and I feel crappy.

The second patch will have:

- new temple .dll
- couple dlg file fiddles (they work fine but don't say exactly what I want, and one has a typo).
- new item_creation.mes that includes a fiddle by Allyx.
- new guide that includes step-by-step details to install the mod as a seperate module in ToEE FrontEnd Professional.
- will be cumulative with the first patch (did I get that right? I mean, it will have everything that the first patch has).

Really, the temple.dll is the only essential thing if you are hanging out for it, and can be uploaded now from Co8 at the link for the mod above. So can Allyx's thing of course.


At 11:32 pm, Anonymous just a bum said...

oh zuper kool, da pacth is hear!

gud stuff homie coz i felt i need 1.

coz my gaem just crashd badly and my cutter baba and trapsin and super burizon all gone!!!!1

so dis path is gonna bring them bak aiight? u da best homie!

At 12:47 am, Anonymous just a bum said...

oh noes gaem still crush on me :(((
i emaled blizzards suport homies n they said mods is not their responsability. they said ask who created da mod.
so i am asking u, how coem teh mod stil crush?
i wanna playdis mod coz it sound liek it rox big time, pimps n hoes n stuff liike dat is awsum.
so pls pls pls help me solve dis terriable problem!!!1!

At 3:59 am, Blogger ShiningTed said...

Blizzard? You might be thinking of BG. ;-)

The second patch is up at Co8, hopefully it will take care of your problems. Remember to clear the cache.


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